okay, so I'm crazy


I’m now 17 dpiui and go for my beta tomorrow. I haven’t POAS because I’m terrified of another negative as this is our last IUI then we have to move on. I’ve been spotting (very faintly when I wipe) and I noticed my nipples have darkened significantly. I’m on 200 progesterone x 3 daily so I don’t know if this is why I’ve been having mixed symptoms (also fatigue, constipation and some back pain). I’m just trying to keep my hopes up has anyone had a successful cycle with these kind of symptoms?

Many thanks


did u POAS ?
good luck for the beta, and the symptoms are good indicator


I wanted to send you lots of Baby Dust! WOW! you are very strong…I would have POAS already!



17dpiui and no AF seems like a good sign, so hopefully this turns out to be a BFP for you. Good luck!


Well looks like I’m out

I think the universe has a crappy sense of humor. I made it 17 dpiui, and then today the spotting has gotten heavier, still pink but heavier. I was so excited I never made it 17dpiui bfore, so now I’ll wait for my beta tomorrow to get my :bfn: , this is so depressing and with Christmas coming and 4 new little ones between our families I’m not really looking forward to it.


You really never know until the beta. However, the progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms, so there really is no way to know until beta or POAS. Good luck.


:grouphug: keep the hope up:grouphug: