Old baby items


Does anybody find it difficult to get rid of baby items your child no longer needs?

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s kind of a sad process…almost as if DS is growing up way too fast. Or maybe it’s the part of me that knows I won’t be having any more children.

We’ve donated some stuff to charity and given other items away and even sold some things at a community garage sale. There’s still some stuff in the closet that we haven’t got around to dealing with yet.

Anyone else feel sentimental about these kinds if things?


Yes! I gave away or sold a TON of their clothes but I still have a pile of clothes I just can’t seem to part with (outfits they wore home from the hospital, cute onsies they wore a lot, Christmas outfits, etc.). Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of them anytime soon (if at all), I’m very sentimental about them :slight_smile:


BabiesAreCute and Jedibones- I am going through a similar mix of emotions. Basically I am donating my items to other families that are in need of baby items but can’t financially afford them.

Where I live the number of children in the foster system has increased dramatically in the past two years. Two years ago there were 2800 children and now there are over 4000 children in the system. Just heartbreaking because the majority of the time it is due to parents being drug addicts. When they are taken from their homes they have nothing. Last week I gave up the jumparoo and the scooter seat… it was hard but at the same time I know it is going to a baby who has nothing.

I did buy a big plastic tub and I am keeping my “favorite” outfits that DD wore… maybe someday I will give those up but for right now that is what I am keeping and I feel good about it. I still have some frosties in the freezer but it is very unlikely that we are going to be going for number two.

Best of luck!


I find it incredibly hard to get rid of my baby stuff. I have 20 month old twins and 3.5 month old twins. We have 3 frosties and will be going back for them at some point, but for now when my boys are done with things I need to get rid of them. They are the 3rd set of twins to use their car seats and they have just been around so long now I will be sad to see them go… they will be just about expired by the time they are done with them, so I can’t even give them away :frowning:


I agree, it’s so bittersweet. I have given away some clothes and saved the outfits she wore alot or were special to me.
I had offered the infant car seat, baby bathtub and a few other things to someone who could use them for a new grandchild. At the last minute, I made up a lie because I could not bear to part with them yet. Crazy!

After two ectopics, I cannot take the chance of getting pregnant naturally so another IVF is my only chance of another baby. I go back and forth with my decision to go through it again or not. But with my daughter turning 2 this week, I have a fresh case of babyfever!