Older Moms 42+, share and care


This thread is for Moms who are or hope to be an older Mom soon. There are a lot of ups and downs when you go through this process (normally-at 30) but to attempt to do it past 40 or 41 is scary to say the least. I am creating this board to help women who fit this criteria to find support, share experiences, and give caring understanding while going through or attempting to go through the processes usually involved. May each of you find joy in the journey to being a Mom no matter what age.


Hi! I was 40 yo when started ttc since 2014. Dh - 42 yo. Soon I was diagnosed on PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes. amh <3,2. Dr suggested PGD as I had a miscarriage the previous years before going ivf route. She also suspected me to be a carrier of Wilson disease which is a very rare treatable disorder. I was through 2 failed cycles ivf with own egg whilst looking onto more investigation. Finally we were told my eggs were not going to work at all. So we moved onto donor egg. It took us 2 shots to conceive with them.


More women than ever are trying to conceive over the age of 40, that is a fact. In most developed countries the world over we are finding that women have more freedoms and equalities than past times. There is no denying this is wonderful. This gives us the freedom to focus on career goals, travel, making our creative dreams a possibility, rather than feeling like we have to have children right away in our 20’s. We are no longer as stuck as we once were, but what about that nagging fear of fertility decline as we age? In this article we’ll be discussing what happens to women’s fertility as we reach the age of 40; and how to prepare for conception over 40. We’ll go over medical options as well as natural methods to support the body such as cleansing and a fertility specific diet, and working towards improving uterine and egg health and cervical mucous production. So why would we expect it to be any different for those desiring to have children over 40? I am not here to pick sides, but I do think it is very important to be realistic and to listen to your gut.


Well, here’s a small update. This thread seems to be napping, so I thought I could share. As you know from my previos post we were successful after 2 shots with donor egg at biotex. We’re parenting a sweet baby girl, our adorable miracle. She wasn’t PGD tested if it’s possible to say like this. 'Cause she’s our de. But I truly believe women have to opt for such sort testings to make sure their embies are strong and healthy enough for further development. I’m 43 yrs old now. And we both understood we wanted more kids. With this very purpose we called the clinic some time ago and defined the date of the consultation. The girl answering seemed not surprised at all when we told we were coming back. She smiled and said ‘‘welcome guys, we were waiting for you’’ Which made me smile her way…This is incredible to know the clinic does care about its IP. Also it sounds like we aren’t the only ones who told they were coming back…To cut my story short, they matched another beautiful donor for us. This sweet lady prduced a lot of healthy egg for us, only 2 of them didn’t fertilize. We got fully prepared to have our A grade embies placed inside me, hoping for they’ll grow into a cute sibling for our daughter. Wish me good luck!