Omg Hives are relentless!


Ok so I have been off the progesterone and estrogen a week. MC I let happen naturally go to lay down tonight and Hives hit me with a huge breakout all over …


Aww I’m so sorry. Did you take some Benadryl? My body has always responded to my intense emotions with hives since I tend to keep my emotions in. I would say you are going through a very rough, emotional time so it’s understandable you are responding (unless you ate something or changed your detergents). ((Hugs))) this process is so unfair and cruel…


Nope didn’t eat anything at all for dinner tonight. Just felt a tingle on my arm looked down hive then started spreading over left arm back few mins complete midsection covered. One of the worst episodes. Think I’m going to see a immunologist also, make sure I haven’t developed an allergy to my own progesterone during this.