On vacation during beta testing- how important?


I’m probably jinxing a BFP- but we won’t be home the week when we should get our beta test- two weeks post retrieval (and 2 days later if BFP). I’m bringing pee-sticks, but if they’re positive how important is it that we get the serial beta tests? I’ve never had a BFP before so I’m not super hopeful. THANKS for any helpful advice.


I strongly advise you to get your first beta on the day you are supposed to. It’s not a big deal to be on vacation, though, because you can take it at any lab of your choice. The dr will give you an RX for the lab. If you are vacationing in the US, go labcorp website, and find the collection point closest to your vacation spot. If you are overseas, look up medical clinics around.


Thanks Trans-Siberian. I can look up places to go. Why is it so important? I just think if it’s BFP, but doesn’t stick, then- it won’t… and testing doesn’t make a difference if it was all going to work or not work anyway. Like is there some intervention that can happen? or a diagnostic that is important for them to have even if it eventually fails?


It’s important for reporting purposes and tracking your beta growth. You may not think it is important to you, but your clinic will be reporting your cycle results, and it needs to know whether you had a positive on the first beta. Your first beta is then compared to your second beta to understand the rate of growth. If you take the test a week later, your rate of growth may be different. All of that data goes into research databases, allowing doctors to figure out best strategies for for future procedures. The last, of course, is that many want to know themselves.


My clinic tested more then just the beta number when I got my blood done for my first few betas, they also checked my progesterone level to see if additional support was needed as well as FSH level (which was borderline high so they put me on meds). Definitely get your beta done when they want you to, and have a great vacation.


That’s true about progesterone. If you are using PIO and it is under 20, you will need to get a higher dose. I got under 15 with my first pregnancy, and they got really worried about it.


I don’t think it’s that important to get beta when they tell you. Some people couldn’t get their betas because of the holiday season and it sometimes get pushed back by 5 days. The important thing about the beta is that it doubles every 2-3 days. If it were me, I’m just super crazy and would want to know right away so I would test right when I could. I would find a lab and test on vacation because I need to know ASAP. If you’re ok with waiting a bit longer, then it’s ok.


I agree with the other ladies about progesterone, you definitely want a progesterone level that is high enough to support your pregnancy. Because the placenta doesn’t start producing its own progesterone until 8-12 weeks, you want to make sure you have enough. That is definitely a good reason to get the beta done sooner. Didn’t think about that one…


Thanks so much for all the information! I just didn’t know whether the beta test was just for your own sanity to see if you really were preg. But they have prescribed progesterone- so if that needs to be adjusted based on results, I should get the tests. I will def. try to get the beta tested while we are away- if it even comes to that. My first bloodwork appointment is tmo- praying that it is good news- and not too high like last time my cycle got canceled. THANKS again everyone.