One Born Every Minute tv show is on again!


Just wanted to post for those who may or may not have seen this series last year, that it is back on television.

It airs on Tuesday nights on Lifetime television channel. I am sure it replays during the week as well.

This show portrays real labor and deliveries at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio! It can also be very funny depending on the people they are showcasing!

I have enjoyed the episodes and it is very real, so I thought I’d post and let others know about it in case you didn’t hear of this show!


Did you see the one where the poor lady had been pregnant the entire 3 years of her marriage, 2 miscarriages and one full-term still birth. Her whole labor was so tense and emotional, I cried my eyes out!


How about tonight’s episode…

The chick who decided to shave her face with an electric razor while in labor…LMAO…Really???:eek: SMH

I love the show though…@ least I know what to prepare for…the best and the worst! And in case you miss them, they are on On-Demand…


this is one of my favorite shows…me and hubby watch it every week…love it


Did you see the episode a few weeks ago when the grandmothers were punching each other out in the hallway? The one ended up in the ER! CRAZY!


[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I don’t know, that show kinda freaked me out. I live in Columbus and will deliver at Riverside, so I thought I’d watch the series to get a feel for what it will be like – I saw 1 episode – one mom had a previous stillbirth and they were understandably nervous about delivering their current baby and another mom had her baby’s shoulder get stuck coming out and they had to revive/work on him to get him going again. I’m nervous enough about delivery – I figured I’m going to stick my head back in the sand and not worry about it until May.:wink: [/SIZE][/FONT]


[QUOTE=abro123]Did you see the episode a few weeks ago when the grandmothers were punching each other out in the hallway? The one ended up in the ER! CRAZY![/QUOTE]

Now that episode was real unclassy…lol. those grown women knew better…smh a doggone shame!


I’ve seen the show. It’s pretty good. Another show on now is Texas Multi Mamas:
Texas Multi Mamas – WE tv
It focuses on mothers of twins, trips & quads.


OMG I love this show! I have been craving more pregnancy/ baby related programs so I fished out a documentary called Babies on itunes. It was amazing, it focused on the lives of four babies in different parts of the world and it made me realize how a few things about myself and the kind of parent I want to become. I rented it twice- once for just me to watch and once more for me and hubby to watch together the next night. He loved it too! I highly suggest it.