One final response to requests...


OK…I have had a lot of requests about the post I made about free IVF APP download for IVF Baby in the Making App. I know they are still giving free codes to 1st 50 to download app for free. email them [email protected] for your code.

I do use it and like it alot to keep track of everything. They are doing some kind of medical poster for how technology helps us with our IVF so I gave them my RE name and city/state and that was it! I thought it was worth it for a free app that’s normally $10. Good luck!


OOPS! Wrong email address

OOps! It’s [email protected] NOT
Sorry all!


Thank you!! I am new to this site and just started browsing it yesterday. So I sent the request for the free code and got it. Yayee!!

Am guessing I have to log into iTunes to download it to my phone… Will try figure it out tonite.

It’s great to distract oneself with and at the same time stay focussed