One follicle & IUI?


I have started Gonal F pen injection 75 Units and regular went RE office for u/s and My one follicle size is 16.5 and My RE said now your are ready for IUI So come to my office day after tomorrow morning.
My query is that "Are my chances better to fall pregnant on 16.5mm even if i only have one follicle??
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Are you taking a trigger shot? Sounds like you have a 20% chance. Same as you would on a non medicated cycle with one follie being produced. Either way all you need is ONE! Best of luck and dont be too discouraged. Miracles happen everyday!:babydust:


Yes i did HCG trigger last night and I don’t want Tripple or Twin thats why RE put me slow and long cycle 75 Unit of Gonal F.


1 is still good! It only takes 1. When I did my medicated cycles, I think I had 2 follies, but neither cycle worked for me. The chance of success with IUI isn’t much greater than timed intercourse. A lot of women get pregnant with IUI though so you never know!!


I only had 1 follie that was considered to be in the mature stage and I actually got pregnant with twins. One of them didn’t make it, but I have a very healthy baby boy on the way now which is a blessing!