One ovary no tubes 3rd ivf help


I am very new to this for the past 3 years I have read most threads but never posted my own, well here I go.
I am cycling for my 3rd IVF in January. 3 months ago I had my ovary removed due to a 17 cm cyst. I am nervous about this next cycle my last ivf I produced 21 eggs this time with one ovary I am not so sure. Also my clinic only transfers day 5 embies. Please give me any success stories when only one ovary is involved.


I have one, crappy, dead looking ovary. I only had 2 antral follies, but my IVF worked. I wish I could give you the perfect success story, but I have a clotting disorder that caused me to miscarry a perfectly healthy baby. I am doing another round in Feb. My RE says patients with one ovary have the same chance and % success. I researched it, and it’s true. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for replying I’m sorry to hear about ur loss. It’s very reassuring to me though that u stimmed well with one ovary. I was never worried about not making it to transfer but now I am. My office only does 5 day transfers and I’m nervous that I won’t make it. I’m doing it with attain this time so I get 2 fresh and 2 frozen, but this will be my last chance as I have been drained financially. My re has me on metformin and dhea. I’ll prob cycle in Jan or Feb. Thank u again for ur response, I am a very private person no one knows I’m doing ivf except du and my mom.


I am in the Jan/Feb IVF thread, and there are so many wonderful ladies there. Several vets, and a few newbies. Some of us are regular posters, including myself. I hope you join us there for support :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, you’ll be ok with one ovary.


Thank u I will definitely check it out