Online pharmacy - order well in advance


I am leaving my experience ordering medications for future IVFers who consider buying from online phamacies outside US. Simply saying, you may want to order 2 months ahead, you may need plan B.

I ordered some of my medication from When I ordered, I sent credit card information. In 2-3 days, I got a call confirming my order. In 5-6 days, I got a call saying they cannot sell 60 (their online order unit) of one medication because my prescription was for 14 of them. 1 week later, I got an email requesting wire transfer or money order, they don’t take credit card payment for orders over $500 (their website) or $1000 (email), and there is no replacement or refund for non delivered package. I called several times, and I cancelled this order. Delivery takes about 3 weeks from New Zealand, but they couldn’t tell when they would be able to ship out.

I also ordered some from After the above, I ordered more from them. Each time, they charged to my credit card. When I ordered, I was told it would take about 2 weeks to ship out because of back-orders. I thougtht with $99 express shipping cost, I could get within 3-5 days after it left London.

Within 10 days from my first order, they shipped out the first package. 3 days later, the package was at the airport, 15 min from my place. It was stopped at the customs for 1 week. I was told medicine packages were not in English, they didn’t know what they were, they needed to translate everything. I called if they could provide the English translation but I was told all required documents were attached, nothing extra were needed.

5 weeks since I first ordered, I had to cancel the rest. During this 5 weeks, I called many times to check status. Until 4 days ago, I was told they would ship sometime by then, then it was extended to today, and still they were not ready. I don’t know when they will refund to my credit card and if I can get back the express charge. I had to order Cetrotide instead of Ganirelix because they did not have, they sent only half of my order.

I could save $1500, but it was less than $400. With this month’s stress and many phone calls, it doesn’t worth it at all.


I think this is why my RE said not to order from out of the US. He said if I went there for some reason he was willing to give me the prescriptions to have them filled, but he just didn’t think it was worth all the hassle or going through customs.

Also none of my RE’s would ever give me the Rx’s in advance of my baseline so…having to wait like that would have totally messed up my cycle.

I got mine from Freedom fertility pharmacy and once they have the prescription they can overnight the meds if needed and will deliver on Saturdays if needed and I never had any issues with partial filled orders with them as I did with the Walmart specialty pharmacy. I hands down recommend freedom.


ahhny, I agree. I too had a good experience with Freedom last time. I should have done that time too, little savings don’t mean anything after 5 stressful weeks.


I called every pharmacy I could find to get the best prices. Depending on what you are prescribed, prices may vary, but I found the BEST pricing at Alexander Twin’s Pharmacy.

I also received free overnight shipping, which was great!

Here are my meds (though it’s been since last summer and prices may have changed)

           Menopur   65.9       Follistim 900   750       Follistim 300   250       Ganirelix   98       Ovidrel   85.5


smprice, how are you? Tomorrow is my progesterone test, and I will start Cetrotide (instead of Ganirelix because of this phamarcy!) later this week, in about 10 days, baseline sonogram in Canada (where we live now), then fly down to see the doctor! Before seeing this, I ordered from Alexanders. Major one I was missing was menopur so Alexanders was cheaper than Freedom like last time. And again like last time, I was not offered a free over night delivery (last time I was told the extra charge), but we can go cross the boarder only on Friday, delivery on Thursday is perfect.


I have always gotten mine from Walgreens Specialty and had no problems! I have insurance that covers these meds so not sure how prices are but service is excellent!


I was worried about the quality of meds from because they came without temperature control. My meds were stopped at the airport for one week when the outside temperature was around -50 F for the week. 10 good size follicle grew, 5 retrieved, 4 matured. I don’t know if i did better from getting bravelle, cetrotide, ovidrel in the US.

It’s been 1 month since I cancelled, 2 months since I ordered and they charged to my credit card, no refund yet.


I get mine from Caremark (cvs) specialty pharmacy and as long as they get the order early enough they do free overnight shipping as well.


I also had a problem with refund. 3 months after the cancellation, I have not received the money back yet, dispute process started.