Only 2 eggs fertilized


So I had my first egg retrieval yesterday (after many attempts with IUI and a canceled IVF) and I got the call this am that only 2 fertilized. This is the first time they have seen my eggs so my unexplained factor I guess is now explained. It was just a huge kick because we knew there was a chance but being 25 didn’t think that it was likely. I know there is still the chance they could grow and I guess I was wondering if anyone had any luck with just a few eggs. I know it only takes 1 but I just feel like I got the wind knocked out of me.


So I’m not in the exact situation as you, as we only got 3 eggs, but only had 2 fertilize. I’ll find out tomorrow if they made it to day 5 and I have my transfer tomorrow. There are LOTS of women who got pregnant when they had a small number of eggs, so don’t lose hope. Someone on another board told me to visualize them growing and diving to help. I actually started a thread just like this a few days ago and there are several stories of people getting their :bfp: with less than 4 eggs, you should go check it out. Hang in there. I’m hoping your little embies grow, grow, grow!:cheer:


Thanks PDXgirl! I have my :cross: … I’ll check out your thread!


I had my egg retrieval last wednesday. 3 were mature, 2 fertilized. We just got the call from the lab this morning that they are both still alive and growing and it’s day 5…:slight_smile:
So I know we still have a long ways to go in this process but don’t loose hope… Try and stay busy, do things you like, think good thoughts…
:cross: :cross: thinking of you!


Thats awesome! What day is your xfer?? Lots of :babydust: :babydust: to you and DH!


It’s today at 130:)
We have never gotten this far and it’s been quite the journey!
Thanks for all the support!! :bsv:
:babydust: to you!!


So excited for you!!! Good luck and :sticky vibes: !!!


Had my 3dt on Wednesday! One fair grade one good grade. Keeping :cross: :bsv: to us all that we get our:bfp: !!


He just keep in mind its not quantity its quality so you can have 10 eggs not good ones or 2 perfect eggs and I would prefer to have the perfect eggs rather the the most. Keep your head up…GOOD,LUCK!


That’s wonderful news! Congrats on being PUPO. :cheer: I did end up having my transfer Tuesday with 1 pre-blast. I really pray this works for all of us. :bsv: When is your beta? Mine is Thursday and it still seems like forever. I know it’s too early for most people to feel anything but I just want to “feel” pregnant.


Beta is May 6th. I don’t think I can feel anything other than bloated right now lol I guess it’s the endometren (sp?) but it hurts to laugh cause I feel like I’m stretching my uterus :o)


Just wanted to chime in and wish you luck. I only had 3 eggs fertilize and only 2 were good and just like you had a 3 day transfer of 1 good and 1 fair. Both stuck but only 1 made it. My daughter was born in Oct 2011.


Thank you! It’s defiantly reassuring!!


My first IVF (see my sig.) was total fertilisation failure. My third IVF was great success. To conclude, everything what you need is good RE, good laboratory and new IVF attempt. Don’t be discouraged (as I was) believing that something is wrong with you: you should not make conclusion based on only one attempt.


Dear D!! I cant seem to find you on the due date threads. Wanted to say CONGRATS! I was with you on the Jan IVF thread. I am sooooo happy that your FET worked! Get ready for a rollarcoaster ride!

Cant wait for your US… im saying TWINKIES!