Only 3 Rounds of Clomid?


Hi All,

My doctor is only putting me on 3 rounds of Clomid. I see each of you have done at least 5 or 6. I did ovulate on Clomid (by a lot I think) and HSG was clear. I had endometriosis when I was in high school and I went on Lupron once and then depo from there. I took Clomid back in October and ovulated (Day 21 progesterone was 32.2). We did November without the Clomid to do a baseline and I was at less than 1. She didn’t want to move forward with Clomid until I had an HSG. For insurance purposes, I waited til January. HSG showed at least one fully open and the other was most likely open. No success with 2nd round of Clomid and I’m waiting til Saturday to test. If I’m not pregnant she wants to do laproscopic surgery. What else could possibly be wrong? It’s obvious that I’m not ovulating on my own, but what can cause that? I’ve been off Depo for a year and a half now, am I not waiting long enough for the Depo to be out of my body? I’m so frustrated and obviously don’t want to have surgery, and also frustrated that my Gyno won’t try more Clomid.

Thanks for your responses!!


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Clomid is used to help you ovulate and also help produce mature follies. Depending on your follicle growth your RE might want to add in a more aggressive protocol which could be possibly stimming for 3 days. Clomid 100mg didn’t do much for me and I was more than happy to start injectable drugs. As for the lap surgery your RE might want to see if you have endo and if so what stage is it at? I had my lap done in 2011, recovery isn’t painful at all. They removed stage 4 endo and my blocked fallopian tube. [/FONT][/SIZE]


I just don’t get it…I see all these people on here getting testing for the measurement of follies and such. My doc just put me on Clomid and that’s it! I’m not having the pain of endo like I was about 10 years ago. Could there still be some left from then? How was recovery time from lap surgery?


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Who is prescribing you the clomid? An OBGYN does not do as must testing on follicle growth. Now an RE will prescribe clomid and complete ultra sound monitoring to verify how much the follicles are growing. Sounds like your doctor is only monitoring to see if you are ovulating? Which it sounds like you are, but now you need to know by ultra sound if the follicle is mature before ovulation. You also need to know who many follicles are being produced. As for the lap recovery time, I was able to come back to work within 3-4 days. I was bloated for about 2 weeks. The scars healed nicely. It defiantly sounds scarier than it is. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Yes, it is my OBGYN that is prescribing the Clomid. Should I start consulting and RE before my lap surgery?


[QUOTE=ExDepoUser]Yes, it is my OBGYN that is prescribing the Clomid. Should I start consulting and RE before my lap surgery?[/QUOTE]

YES–I spent way too long with my OB/Gyn and ended up doing the lap. The lap was fine recovery wise, but I had ovarian drilling which my RE actually said may have done more damage than good. I realize that you are not going in for ovarian drilling and maybe a lap would be good to remove any endo, but my experience tells me that you really want someone who is a specialist in reproductive diseases and hormones and that is going to be an RE rather than an OB/Gyn. I am not saying they aren’t good doctors and that they don’t help people, but RE’s are more specialized and as a result make better decisions in my experience and opinion.

An RE will also monitor you and use meds and techniques that are most reliable and productive whereas many OB/Gyn’s just dabble in infertility and so you can spin your wheels with them wasting valuable time, money, and emotion.

I put off switching to an RE because I didn’t want to take the time away from TTC and that was a big mistake. My OB/Gyn did not monitor enough to really help me, was way too conservative for my needs med wise, and missed a couple of key things that were keeping me from conceiving. My advice: take the time to switch to an RE now. It will be so worth it in the end.


Thank you so much! I will definitely look into an RE after I test on Saturday. My breasts are so tender and sore right now that I am hoping for a :bfp: :pray:


[FONT=Segoe UI Mono][SIZE=3]It’s totally up to you. Some RE’s have a waiting list while others do not. Also you should verify how long it would take to get you scheduled for the lap. I think it took 2 months to get me on the schedule for lap surgery. Then I had to wait one or two cycles before TTC again. Best of luck POAS. Praying it’s a BFP! Keep us updated. [/SIZE][/FONT]


I can’t imagine how frustrating just being on clomid without follicle scans could be.

I had a lap on the 30th and I was feeling better after a few days. Its not bad, just lots of shoulder pain from the gas that they use.

i just had a uterine suspension and tubal plasty (I hope know one has to go through this one). My RE made an incision the same size as a c-section and fixed everything! I pray he got it all this time and I can get pregnant next month. I was shocked that he’s allowing us to try again next month, but I am not complaining!

I’m so sorry to see you guys struggle with this as well!


Thanks for all your help and support. It’s been a tough road and I’m not feeling like the doc is doing everything she can. I almost felt like I wasted the Clomid. I have an appt scheduled on the 26th to discuss the lap surgery. If I hand endo so many years ago, could the scarring still be there (after ten years)?


[QUOTE=ExDepoUser]Thanks for all your help and support. It’s been a tough road and I’m not feeling like the doc is doing everything she can. I almost felt like I wasted the Clomid. I have an appt scheduled on the 26th to discuss the lap surgery. If I hand endo so many years ago, could the scarring still be there (after ten years)?[/QUOTE]

Yes the scarring could be there. Plus endo doesn’t just stop accumulating just because it has been removed (depending on where it was and how much was there) and if you never had it removed all those years ago then that endo tissue will also bleed with every period and so 10yrs later could be really bad (assuming it wasn’t removed).

Even if it has been removed previously–in many cases it will continue to accumulate with every period as long as you have one. They can put one on birth control to help reduce this and so if you have been on them for awhile over the years then maybe that has kept it to a minimum, but chances are if you have had it previously you will have it now too (unless you just haven’t had a period all this time). Hopefully it isn’t as bad.

However, even if you have it removed now your best bet with removal without additional scarring is going to be the RE over an OB/Gyn doing the procedure. An RE, as a specilist, will also look for other things and repair things that could hinder pregnancy that an OB/Gyn isn’t qualified to do so is another major advantage to having an RE do your lap over an OB/Gyn since the OB/Gyn can only do so much with what they find based on their expertise. So having the procedure done by an RE should an RE decide you need it will be much more productive. Plus you may not even need it. Often an OB/Gyn will move to surgery because it is their only knowledge of options whereas surgery may not even be needed if you went to an RE as an RE may have better options for you so just another reason to at least get a second opinion from an RE first before making any decisions.

This is just my recommendation based on my experience with my OB/Gyn. I think it is worth noting too that my OB/Gyn was actually known in my state for being the best OB/Gyn with infertility. He was recommended to me by a friend because if he couldn’t get you pregnant than no one, but an RE would be able to. I liked him a lot and felt he was a great Doc which is why I stayed so long with him, but ultimately it was the fact that I was not being seen by a specialist that kept me from getting pregnant because I really needed someone that knew what they were doing in every tiny facet of infertility and wasn’t just really good a dabbling in it if that makes sense.

I say follow your intuition. If you are feeling yours isn’t doing all they can then it is time to switch to an RE you feel comfortable with. I felt exactly the same about my OB/Gyn–that he could have been doing more, but ignored my intuition and it cost be valuable time and emotion. I wish I had switched much earlier to my RE. I feel it would have cut a year minimum off my TTC journey and probably saved me from having the lap altogether.

Hopefully the breast tenderness you are having is pregnancy though. :cross: you get that BFP on Saturday!!! :babydust: :babydust:


Ok, so I talked to my OBGYN and she said if I went to an RE they would automatically tell me to do IVF because I have one open tube. She said she is almost positive that I’m not pregnant because of the scarring. I am doing this all out of pocket (bad insurance). Should I waste the money on surgery or put it toward the IVF? I’m sooooo confused. I have an appt scheduled with her for the 26th to discuss all the options, but now I don’t know what to do!!


Hey guys,

Just an update…AF came on Sunday. I got my hopes up because I was a day late and usually I’m 28 days like clock work. :frowning: On to the RE…trying to make an appt asap!

Thanks for the good vibes, maybe soon :cross:


I am sorry about AF. Mine came as well this weekend :frowning:
I highly recommend a RE so I am glad that you are going to see one. They will be able to monitor you closely throughout the process. I am starting Round 2 of Clomid tomorrow. Fingers crossed and Good luck to you!