Only One Egg fertilized for transfer (after DHEA) - looking for success stories!


This is my 3rd attempt at IVF. June was 1st one and we got 6 eggs, 5 fertilized NATURALLY and 3 made it to day 5 and we transferred a morula and an early blast - BFN. In September we changed protocols to microlupron flare and apparently my body does not like lupron AT ALL - I was completely supressed. My ER had me take DHEA 75 mg a day for over 4 months before trying again. This time she said we could try ICSI - and that “it definitely won’t hurt”. Well this time not only did we get less eggs (4 this time) but only ONE fertilized with ICSI. We have to do a 3 day transfer tomorrow and I am just so worried that this cycle is already a bust. Also, I am concerned about my AMH and whether that has been affected negatively by the DHEA. I went from 1.8 in 2010 to a small dip of 1.7 in 2012 and then in 2013 it dropped dramatically to .33. Any advice or success stories…or feedback of ANY kind is welcomed!!!


I only had one fertilise fully hun and Ive just had BFP xx


Sorry to hear about this. Were all 4 eggs mature? I had 5 mature eggs once, only 1 fertilized. That cycle resulted in an ectopic. So, that one embryo seems to have been good, just unfortunately implanted in the wrong place.

I also didn’t do well on DHEA. I never respond well, but I have done worse when taking it. I stopped taking it, and my response went back to what it was before. So, if you aren’t doing as well on it, I would stop taking it. It just doesn’t seem to work for some people.


Someone gave me the best advice EVER…something simple and obvious but it kept me strong…

‘It only takes one so one is all you need’



Houston - thank you for your encouragement. I am actually also in Houston, but did not go to houston IVF. I have been going to Dr. Roach who is in The Woodlands area and has really good stats. I’ve considered Dr. Gill as well but never met with him.


Oh…and I am checking to find out about how many eggs were mature.


I absolutely had a horrible experience with Houston IVF when I was younger (see my sig). I also had to go to them for monitoring and really, really dislike the clinic. They charge as much as CCRM (they are affiliated in some way), but the care does not seem even close.

I really like Dr. Gill. He is semi-retired though (I was using him), so I switched to Dr. Griffith at his clinic. He is one of the most attentive REs I have ever used. I haven’t had success with him yet (I have cycled once), but I am a really, really hard case. He is very open to working with poor responders like me.


I would think checking to see how many we’re mature is a huge factor. Also forgot to look at your sig before replying but how is your sperm quality. DHEA actually bumped my AMH levels but my understanding is that you may have drastic decreases like that as we move closer to menopause. My numbers are much worse so I would think that maybe you just haven’t found the perfect protocol for you.


Mature eggs

I found out that out of the 4 eggs 3 were mature. My husbands semen analysis when we had it done about a year ago was:
Count 83 mil/ml
Motility 54%
Morph 3%

My RE said that this was definitely good enough to go without ICSI. We just decided to do it this time to perhaps help our chances


Actually, out of 3 mature, I don’t think having 1 fertilze is that bad. Was one possibly overmature? In the past, when I have eggs not fertilize, sometimes it is b/c they are overmature (anything on me on my last ultrasound that measures over 22 never fertilizes b/c it gets too mature).


My dr didn’t say they were over mature, but I stimmed 2 days more than last time, so perhaps that was the case. She couldn’t give me an answer today on why only 1 fertilized. I have 1 five cell embie which he dr said looks really good with no fragmentation. It’s a little behind… But maybe it will work. I’m trying to remain positive.


My docs rarely tell me they are overmature. It is something I think they cannot really tell in the lab, but they speculate based on your last ultrasound follicle sizes. If you ever get your medical records or can see your last ultrasound before trigger, it may be worth looking at just so you know.

Great news on the one embryo!! The one time I had only 1 embryo, it was a 5 cell on day 3 (I think it may have split into a 6 cell before our eyes). It implanted (it was ectopic), but it still implanted. Good luck!


Thank you Houston!!!