Only one tube left....fertility outcomes?


As if it weren’t hard enough to get pregnant, now I am down to one tube. Has anyone had a salpingectomy in the past to remove a fallopian tube? How greatly will this affect my fertility? I recently went through an IVF cycle which (to my great surprise) resulted in an ectopic pregnancy.


Hi MJgal! From my experience, tubes don’t affect fertility much when it comes to IVF. I had an ectopic pregnancy in 2011, where they saw that my other tube was missing (another doctor removed it in a surgery and didn’t tell me about it). Apparently I have been without a tube since I was 15! I got pregnant naturally in '08 and again in '11 but that pregnancy was ectopic. As long as your ovaries are producing eggs you should be fine. Good luck and lots of baby dust!!


While the previous poster has shared some truth, it can still affect your outcomes. That is, if there is extensive damage to the remaining tube. Having said that, I too only have one tube. My right tube was so severely damaged and had to Hydrosalpinxes that it was best to remove it. When it starts building up fluid, it can definitely lead to an ectopic pregnancy. My remaining tube is clubbed close, but its not in the way. As long as there are no other issues left to be seen, your IVF outcome should be pretty decent, considering tubal factors are often the best case scenarios - according to my RE. We went through 2 fresh cycles & 1 FET. My 1st IVF, I got pregnant. Sadly, I miscarried due to an incompetent cervix. The FET didn’t take. I don’t believe it was due to anything other than my body had yet to fully recover from the loss. The 2nd fresh cycle was successful as well. Some might even say it was a bit too successful. I’m now the PROUD mother of triplet boys who are almost 7 months old. No major issues and a short NICU stay. I know that this doesn’t necessarily predict your outcome, but hopefully it will provide you with some hope. Hang in there, everything will work out fine. Sending you many hugs and prayers… ~Bree~