OOOPPPS! I left my Gonal-F ...


sitting on the kitchen counter for 4 days. Its supposed to be refrigerated isnt it? I havent used any of it yet. Its still in the box. PLEASE tell me its still OK to use?!?!


Are you going to be using it soon? After it is out of the fridge I believe it is good for 30 days so I would say you are okay. Maybe just call the pharmacy to be sure.


Yes, I should be using it in about 10 days or so.


You’ll be fine!

Before 1st use, it’s ok to have out of fridge up to 3 months, or expiration date on box…which ever comes first.

After 1st use, ok to have out and still use (or even put back in fridge) up to 28days.

And- I work in a pharmacy so…