Oops! Heating Pad on Estrogen Patch b4 transfer?!?!


So i read that putting a heating pad where you plan to do progesterone injection will help with the soreness. What i wasnt thinking about when i did this is that i have two patches on by back side, where i applied the heating pad for probably 10-20 minutes. Then when i realized what i did, i freaked out a bit and looked online and read that heating pads mess with the flow of the meds from patches, and i could have absorbed way to much estrogen with the heat. Well, i did my FET the next day at about 1… Could this excess amount estrogen have messed up my chances?!? I read too much of it is harmfull. Also will it decrease how much is left in the patch for the next day and a half? I just dont want to think i could have messed this up :confused:



Was it the Vivelle dot patches?