Opinions please!


So my breast have been getting more and more painful, they actually feel like bricks on my chest they are so hard and sore I have to wear a sports bra 24/7. Dh even made a comment about how warm to the touch they were and hard. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a hpt this morning even though I’m only on CD23 and 10dpo. But I need some help to figure this out. Could this really be a :bfp: ? Or is it an evap line? I haven’t been on any stim meds since August. This is just since I started taking metformin and folgard. Could we have finally done it on our own? And if so do I find a obgyn now or call my RE? (excuse the permanent marker thumb print on the edge)[ATTACH]67311[/ATTACH]


That looks like a definate maybe to me. I’d keep testing for a few days and then call your RE around CD14. Best of luck!!! :clap:


Looks like a positive, but was that line there before you took the test out of the case? Taking the test out can cause lines to appear. I’d say test again and if you get a line call your RE and see if they want to follow you or if they want you to just go ahead to a OB.



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