OPK positive for ovulation but negative blood test?!


Hi everyone…I’m new to this

I’m confused. I got a positive with OPK on cd11 so I went in for an IUI the next day. Now on cd18, I did a blood test and the protesgerone level is only 1.5 which means I didn’t ovulate. Why would I get a positive then?

I have had 3 cycles of clomid 50mg. First 2 cycles ovulated but not the 3rd one so RE bumped me up to 100mg this cycle. Seems like it’s not working either. He suggest me to try 150mg next cycle with IUI. Do you think I should switch to injectables if the 150mg fail? Is there a much higher chance with injectables compare to clomid?

Really praying for that :bfp:


OPKs are a good guideline for some women but they aren’t necessarily accurate. I don’t know if, in your case, you may have had the LH surge but no eggs got released, since it’s the leftover follicle after release of an egg that produces the progesterone. However, especially if you’re paying for IUIs, I’d find out why your doctor wants you to test out your own ovulation! Those tests may not be catching the true LH surge for a number of reasons, and it seems a shame to spend money and time on IUIs if you’re not really catching your true ovulation day. Plus, if you didn’t ovulate that third cycle, I’d ask also about using a trigger shot (like Ovidrel). The shot contains HCG which triggers ovulation to increase your likelihood of releasing your mature eggs. Then you’d know pretty much to the day when you ovulate and can time your IUIs accordingly.