OPK Question


For you ladies that have used OPK’s, which one do you reccomend? I’m having to take a break from injectibles and/or IUI becasue I have three cysts. So it will be all natural this month. she said to start the OPK’s on day 9. I would like to know which ones you’ve had the most success with and how clear they are to read. Thanks in advance.


I always used the Answer OPK sticks. I think it’s around $20 for 20 tests and you can get them at the drugstore. If you want to save money, you can get OPKs online for very cheap (Wondfos are pretty good). They’re all pretty much the same I think, just don’t bother with the “sensitive” ones because you want to catch your surge, not just the normal levels in your body. Hope this helps!
Good luck!!!


Ditto what SweetyKitty said! Good luck with your break cycle!!!


I’m always posting this site because I think it’s helpful, but you can get some good background info on OPKs and HPTs at peeonastick.com. It’s just a woman who’s done a lot of reading, research, and some at-home experiments on different types of test sticks, and I’ve always found it really interesting and pretty helpful, especially for interpreting results. Good luck this month!