OPK Question


For you ladies that have used OPK’s, which one do you reccomend? I’m having to take a break from injectibles and/or IUI becasue I have three cysts. So it will be all natural this month. she said to start the OPK’s on day 9. I would like to know which ones you’ve had the most success with and how clear they are to read. Thanks in advance.


I swear by the Clearblue Easy digital (they have the smiley face when positive). They really take the guesswork out of testing. However, I’ve also used First Response two-line type tests in advance of using my more expensive digital tests to get a sense of when the surge is coming. The two-line tests start getting closer to positive, the closer you get to your surge. Mine will usually be almost positive the PM before my AM CBE digital is positive. Also, something new I ran into this month. At 4:30 AM, my CBE Digital was negative, but at 8:45 AM it is positive. When I got pregnant with my son, it was always positive with FMU the day of my surge, but I guess I wasn’t getting up as early in the morning. My RE requires I call in between 8 and 10 AM to report a +LH surge so they want a morning result, just not so early!!


Spend the money and use the good ones. Clearblue easy digi opks. Well worth the money. Look on amazon or at walgreens they have a 20 count box. You can test more than once a day with them. LOVE LOVE LOVE digi opks!! Goodluck!


i’ve used clearblue easy digital…

I am taking time off the rest of the month as well.

I plan to do BBT, OPKs, and use my monitor. Good to see what they both are reading at once.

Good luck


I also love the Clearblue Easy digital. They’re a little more expensive, but totally worth it. No squinting or guessing.

Good luck!



How much are they???


[QUOTE=norcent1]How much are they???[/QUOTE]

Amazon.com: Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test, 20 Count (Packaging May Vary): Health & Personal Care $30+ for a 20 count