OPKs have been the same for 8 days!?


Hi there,

I am so confused right now. I have no idea where I’m at…

Last month was my first month of OPKs and I had a textbook cycle, O’d and even conceived but ended up as miscarriage straight away as soon as my period was due.

I monitored the loss with OPKs and HPTs to ensure levels went back to normal which they did.

This month, OPKs started off faint (I almost always have a faint line), and had a small surge CD9 then back to faint, then a second surge on CD14 (not as dark as last month, I never get as dark as control line), BD CD14 and CD15 and OPKs have remained the same colour ever since, for 8 days in a row now. What is going on?!

I have done heaps of HPTs as I am convinced I am pregnant as I have had all sorts of feelings down below. A bit early to be testing, but first one came back with what I thought was + but faded to nearly nothing after an hour. Next two HPTs -. I am now 9DPO and still the same colour OPKs and same feelings down below.

Any ideas?


Could you have PCOS? I always have really labile temps and OPKs with my PCOS so you can’t really rely on them. I started clomid this month and it seems to straighten out that issue. Hoping for a BFP!