Orgasm when pregnant


Ok so DH and I can not have sex because I am high risk. We abstain and it is fine for me, but maybe not DH :slight_smile: Anyway I had a sexual dream last night where I did the “o” and I still am crampy 3 hours later. It killed my back and I fell crampy. I did some research and found that it is common to have pain afterward but is normal to have pain for so long. Can it hurt the pregnancy?

How can I stop this from happening :grr: if I am going to feel this I might as well do the :dance:


So, we have not had sex yet since my transfer, but I did talk to my nurse about it and have researched extensively online. She said (and I found the same online) that an orgasm will not affect the pregnancy. If the embryo is implanted, those contractions will not harm it or cause m/c.

I think for the most part we as women are too nervous to do it or our bodies are hurting or we are just too distracted during that time to have good sex.

I have read that many women do have cramping afterwards.

I guess you can’t control what your body does in your sleep, so please try not to stress too much.


This has happened to me twice now and I was so nervous / worried. I’ve been told that it’s the progesterone that has me more in the mood these days and I have felt differenlt now that my doctor is weening me off my daily regiment of Endometrin.

But to give you some reassurance, I’m about 9 weeks and everything seems to be on target, no issues.

Please don’t beat yourself up for something that you cannot control.


I had them too early on and they stopped after I stopped taking the progesterone. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins so try not to worry. I read that the cramping is also a result of you being stressed about hurting the babies so if it happens again take some deep breaths, get up and walk around a bit and then go back to sleep. Seemed to help with me.

Congrats on your positive.