Our Beautiful Baby's Milestones and Discussion Thread


Hi! I realized that after many of us have gone through this journey together and finally have our beautiful babies via DE or DS IVF…we really do not have a thread to discuss milestones or issues that may be around our babies. We can go to the regular AFTER thread, but I think it would benefit us to continue to share with those who have had a similar journey. This thread is not ONLY for people who have had success yet…this can be for others too who may have children already, or the general knowledge of babies, some of us might be lacking. A couple people thought this was a good idea so let’s see how it goes.

AFM, my little one is almost five months old and I can not believe that time has flown so quickly. She is now 15.7 pounds (70 percentile) and in the 80 percentile in height. Her head is still measuring only 35 percentile…is that weird? She does seem to have such an adorable little face. Doc says she is fine and not to dwell on this. She is amazing in many ways, sits up when propped up, holds her bottle in a few positions, laughs and tries to talk, rasberries A LOT, drolls a lot! Their are two things that worry me and probably should not. Her little arms shake a lot when she gets excited or reaches for me. My DH calls her “zombie baby” because her arms shake and she loves to lean forward and gum us. LOL Doc says they are discovering their strength etc. Odd, do other babies do this? Also she can turn from back to belly to the right and had done it to the left…only a couple times. Still, she can not roll back to back once on belly though. Crazy thing…she is already trying to crawl. I assume it is normal for some babies to miss milestones and move on to bigger one, right???

Share with me your insight ladies. To those with wee little ones, age and milestones shares would be great!



Thanks for starting this thread!

I remember Liam being shaky also so I wouldn’t worry. As your LO gets stronger that will all disappear. Isn’t it the best when they reach their little arms out to you?!

As far as head size, if your ped. isn’t worried, then I wouldn’t worry. We have actually had the opposite with Liam. His head circ. is in the 97%, height 50%, and weight 35%. Needless to say, he is a bit top heavy! My DH’s family has a history of big heads as babies so it seems to be hereditary but at about 4 months old, the ped. wanted to make sure his head size wasn’t caused by hydrocephalis (sp.). My little Liam had to get an MRI of his brain to rule it out. I was a complete mess!! Everything came back normal and the result - he has a big head! He will grow into like the rest of my DH’s family but scared the heck out of me!

Other than that, Liam is doing amazing. He is doing the army crawl all over the place. He crawls normally occasionally but prefers the belly crawl because he is so much faster that way. We have started doing some baby proofing because he is already into everything! I have the cutest picture that I need to post of Liam playing in the dishwasher while I was emptying it. When I am able I’ll post it on the Babies thread.

Anyway, love the new thread and look forward to sharing in the milestones we all have ahead of us!


Ok…so obviously I do not have children yet, but I have been around children my entire life…first nephew was born when I was 13 years old and I started babysitting right away. I now have (not including DH’s nieces and nephews) 15 nieces and nephews.

Rachel - they can definitely skip milestones. One of my niece’s never crawled…and started walking at 8 months old. She looked like a little wind up doll.

I cannot wait until I can start contributing to this thread with ym own children. Until then I am going to love hearing all of the things you guys are experiencing and learning from you.


Just jumping in to say “Hey!!”. This is a great thread idea. Our girls were so different with milestones. With twins it is hard not to compare, but you learn every kid is different. Brooke took longer to crawl and walk, but now she is running all over.

The girls will be starting speech therapy soon because they are a little behind on talking. Just recently though, Brooke started chatting up a storm. We use the Signing Time videos so first Brooke was signing, but now she says a lot more. I really think signing helps.

Rachel- Don’t worry abut head size if the Doc says not to. At a year old, Claire’s head wasn’t even on the chart (mind you the rest of her was in the 5%- preemies). She is fine.


Hi all! So glad someone (Rachel) started this thread. I thought this would be a great idea, however didn’t want to start it myself as I don’t have LO of my own.
Like Melissa, I have been around babies and children my whole life, so I may post now and again. One day I hope to be consulting you all for advice on my own baby.
I look fwd. to reading everything about all of your LO’s!


Malloned: I can just see Liam army crawling around! LOL Camille is doing the tummy swim and then cries out of frustration.

Kathelen: I am sure the girls will get caught up soon…positive. My cousins child was slightly delayed and now chatters away!

Melissa and Steph: So glad to have you and I too hope you atre on here soon talking about your little ones.

Wow, this could not be more timely…baby was whiny today which is so unusual. She latched onto my hand and was sucking away and I felt it…her first tooth is coming in. She will be five months on Sunday. I suppose this is ok, right?!


Rachel- Yep, that can be right… everyone teeths at different times, but my nephew who is a month exactly younger than Camille is cutting 2 teeth right now! I heard there was a great teether called “Sophie Giraffe”. I know Nordstroms sells them and so does Amazon.

Have any of you with LO’s used the Sophie Giraffe??? Amazon gave good reviews! :slight_smile:


Rachel: I am glad you started this thread and of course all are welcome to talk about the children in their lives. Before Nicholas I talked about my niece and nephew like they were my own. Nicholas shakes a lot especially when we hold something he wants in front of him. I think he gets excited and wants to hold me or the object very badly. He also just started with the rasberries last week. Out to dinner one night he did it all through dinner and would laugh after each time. It was so funny I had a hard time finishing my meal. Camille sounds like an absolute doll, can not wait to hear more about her progress.

Kathleen: I can not believe the girls are running around! They are getting so big, you must be in good shape chasing after them. My nephew had speech delays because of chronic ear infection and with therapy he is on track and talking up a storm.

Melissa and Godiva: I pray that you will be joining this thread with a LO of your own very soon. Until then any advice is greatly appreciated.

AFM: Nicholas is now 5 1/2 mo. old and weighs 17 lbs. He is 26 1/2 inches and is 70th percentile for height. Amazingly he got my mouth shape and full lips, otherwise he looks just like my DH. He is turning over back to front but gets stuck and then upset. I spend most of my time trying to help him roll back over, and then as soon as I walk away he rolls back onto his stomach again. He is a big cuddle bug and hates to play by himself for even 5 minutes, so we are trying to get him to be more independent. I will take any suggestions on this subject, as I am pretty desperate for time to do chores.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Godiva: Just saw your post about Sophie giraffe and it is an amazing teething toy. Nicholas grinds on that poor toy all day long and it seems to help with his teething.


Texas, your little one and Camille are doing the EXACT same thing. I was home with her all day and every time I put her down on her play mats and exerciser, she rolls to her left, plops on her belly, does the swimmy crawl and then lets out and exasperated whine for me to flip her over again. She has been doing this a couple of weeks and pediatrician said she was flipping early. She has issues flipping to right and rarely does it…her little arm seems to get stuck…so she almost always flips to her left, plops on her belly and then hates to be stuck there…and it starts all over again. LOL As for getting him to play alone, we found a few things that Camille just really enjoys…her Fisher Price Zoo mat with the spinning top and music. She will lay by herself and play. We have just tried to make it seem normal by walking away…slowly and more often. Seems to work now. She still loves her swing and will hang out in there for awhile, so like today…I could finish decorating while she watched, but I gave her her favorite chicken rattle.

I will get that giraffe ladies. Thank you!!! She is warm, sad and when eating off her spoon seemed to hurt her mouth too, so I had to stop and give her a big bottle. (she has been eating single grain rice for 2 weeks) She fell asleep in my arms downstairs, so I carried her up to her crib. She was exhausted from being grumpy, as she never is. My poor angel!


Rachel: I was worried that Nicholas was going to be behind in development because he had tortacolis (sp?), which is a shorting of muscles on one side of the neck. It is caused by being cramped in utero or from a strain during delivery. We have taken him to therapy since he was 6 weeks and you can not even tell he ever had a problem. I am glad that he is tracking correctly. Camille must be a strong little girl, she is hitting her milestones early. I feel so bad when he is struggling to flip back over, his arm gets stuck as well. I can feel a top tooth starting to stick through, so I know that he is teething early. I will try to find a new jumpy seat and maybe that will keep him entertained.

Malloned: How scary for you and DH, I am glad that Liam just has a plain ole big head! Have you started solid foods yet and if so at what age? I am struggling with when to start and which foods.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Teething and the Grumpies

Texas…I never heard of that. I am glad he is doing well and that did not hamper him as he grows! He sounds like a little sweetie…I bet he is an absolute delight.

To put Cammie’s size in perspective, at four months and three weeks she was 16 pounds and in the 85% in height. Your little one is close in size but he is older…oh, my big girl! She has that one little tooth that has popped up and the last four nights, around six, she turns from the happiest angel in the world into my grumpie bumpy baby. She keeps shoving her fingers and hands in her mouth and making this exaggerated wailing noise. Gives me the most pitiful sad look and it makes us feel just horrible. I found tylenol, frozen washcloths and distraction work best to sooth her. If I hold her and walk, she quiets a bit. She is so exhausted by bed time, she has been falling asleep when we feed her before bed. Poor baby!!! I welcome more teething advice from anyone!!!


[FONT=Arial]Texas & Rachael – Wow! Your babies are big. They are almost as big as my 15 month old who’s 19½ lbs![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Kate – It’s good to hear that Claire and Brooke are doing so well. I can only imagine how hard it would be to look after twins…as one keeps me hopping! I’m guessing that you were referring to early intervention earlier. Emily has been in early intervention for 7 months (wow that long?). She has never been a good eater and she has had significant problems transitioning to baby food and table food. Her issues are slowly getting better, but I do think that her pickiness is starting to pick up. It is so hard to identify what she can’t eat versus what she won’t eat. The good thing is that her weight is now in the 7%ile instead of the 2-3%ile like it was at 1 year. I’ve really found EI to be more helpful than other strategies. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Stephanie and Melissa - I hope to see the two of you on this thread soon![/FONT]

[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Rachael - Great thread! I can relate to the teething problems. Emily got her first tooth at 6 months; however, some her daycare friends had all of them including molars by 9 months. Over the weekend, two of Emily’s molars popped through…so she is just one mad baby! Because of her oral issues, she has never liked chew toys. The only one that she will use is Sophie the Giraffe (second Stephanie’s plug). It is a lot softer than most chew toys, and many babies just go wild for it. I was also looking at your signature. It noted that you were going to try for #2 at the end of the year. Wow! I can’t imagine another infant now. Didn’t you have a C-section in July? Because of the C-section, my Ob wanted me to wait at least a year if we were to try again.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]AFEmily - Emily is very petite. At 15 months, she is 19½ lbs, 29½ inches long, and wears 12 mo clothes. She can walk very well, but she hasn’t quite made it to running. She is very social and regularly tries to engage other children. She can point to her nose, mouth, belly and head. Last weekend, she let us know where her feet and hands were. She can say about 12-14 words. She is slowly developing a sense of humor…and occasionally she tries to pass something over on us while grinning impishly. For example, this morning, my DH put her down next to me to “wake” me up. Emily smiled her smile and moved forward as if to cuddle. I smiled back and relaxed…and then she stuck her finger up my nose and laughed. While this might sound like complaining…it was a really funny way to start the day. I was chuckling all the way to work![/FONT]


Kirsty: I can not believe here we are discussing our little ones. After the journey we shared. Wow, how blessed…how very blessed we should feel. :slight_smile: i wish this for our sisters who are still moving ahead. My hope for all of them is this joy. Thank you for sharing the teething info, i am buying this giraffe tonight, i promise! LOL As for your comments and questions…

[B][I]Texas & Rachael – Wow! Your babies are big. They are almost as big as my 15 month old who’s 19½ lbs![/I][/B]

OOOh my, don’t I know it!!! I saw a lady today at Babies R Us who was looking at food with me and she asked me what was best. She had this tiny little one with her, draped on her arm and I commented, “Well you have a ways to go before she eats rice…” She said “Oh no, she will be six months next week.” Almost floored me…her little one looked like such a BABY… My Camille has such expressions, seems so strong and sturdy…is more like a little person already. When i commented to my Ped about this she said “Rachel she is only ahead of the average by 25%, so quit worrying.” Still, i sometimes miss the baby I swaddled and nervously handled. Ahhh…maybe time for one more…which leads me into your next question…

[B][I]I was also looking at your signature. It noted that you were going to try for #2 at the end of the year. Wow! I can’t imagine another infant now. Didn’t you have a C-section in July? Because of the C-section, my Ob wanted me to wait at least a year if we were to try again.[/I][/B]

I meant 2011, sorry, will fix later…Fall was what i really was shooting for. My OB said what you said, is the preference and told me to think long and hard about even Fall. i keep citing my age and she said some very kind things to encourage me to wait a little longer. I may try spring of next year instead. As for the age difference…I am thankful my baby is not in daycare and Daddys schedule allows her to be with him three days a week and my Mom in Law two days a week. Both said they are up for the challenge. My recent medical issue may stop the chance anyway, as the left side of my scar is red and i believe a hair has caused an issue. i am going to go see my OB…

[B][I]Stephanie and Melissa - I hope to see the two of you on this thread soon![/I][/B]

i second this and pray for our two friends every day. :pray:

AFEmily - Emily is very petite. At 15 months, she is 19½ lbs, 29½ inches long, and wears 12 mo clothes. She can walk very well, but she hasn’t quite made it to running. She is very social and regularly tries to engage other children. She can point to her nose, mouth, belly and head. Last weekend, she let us know where her feet and hands were. She can say about 12-14 words. She is slowly developing a sense of humor…and occasionally she tries to pass something over on us while grinning impishly. For example, this morning, my DH put her down next to me to “wake” me up. Emily smiled her smile and moved forward as if to cuddle. I smiled back and relaxed…and then she stuck her finger up my nose and laughed. While this might sound like complaining…it was a really funny way to start the day. I was chuckling all the way to work![/I][/B]

Oh I so get this! She sounds so bright, lovely and adorable. I am so very happy for you and jealous you have a petite little angel, while my baby is wearing 6-9 at five months. LOL I am so afraid all of the size 12 stuff people got her for next summer will not fit…yuK! Keep sharing about your little one. i loved to hear it all.


Hi all, Just had to share that I had to go buy a baby shower gift today, and was thrilled to see Sophie Giraffe on her list! I insisted we get that as a part of the gift. Babies R Us had them in stock. My friend who was shopping with me, was like, what is that??? I was like, its the best thing, I have read about it and heard from my online gals how great it is to have… lol
It’s already Thursday tomorrow… yipppeee!!!


Kirsty - Glad to hear Emily is doing well. She is a little girl! Liam is now 9 months (I still can’t believe it!) and weighs 20 lbs. He started out almost 10 lbs though so he really had a head start on Emily. Reflux has really been our issue though as he should weigh more. He is on Prevacid in the A.M. and Zantac at night - which has really helped him.

Godiva - Thank you for the giraffe info. Gonna buy it. We have 2 bottom teeth in now and he was pretty miserable getting them in. Willing to try anything.

Kate - Great to hear from you! So glad Claire and Brooke are thriving. I don’t know how you twin Mommy’s do it! Liam can be a real handfull when he wants to be. My oldest son was in speech therapy and he did wonderfully. He really took off but before that we used sign with him.

Texas - Glad Nicholas neck issue was caught early and that therapy has helped him. Great hearing from you also and glad everything is going well with your little one.

Rachel - I wouldn’t worry about Cammie. I just think she is an overachiever! I miss that little guy I used to swaddle also. I can’t believe how quickly they change. Makes me sad!

So, all of a sudden, Liam is pulling himself up to a standing position on the sofa and everything else now. I can’t believe it!


Kirstyloo: So good to hear that emily is mobile now! Up walking and talking, I can not even imagine what Nicholas’ first word will be. Emily putting her finger up your nose made me laugh so hard! Nicholas pull my Dh’s chest hairs and laughs loudly. Nicholas is big compared to Emily and it seems that Camille is an over achiever in this category as well! My friends daughter is 15 months and 18lbs, she is the cutest peanut of a little girl. I’ll bet Emily is just as adorable!

Godiva: Yes, Sophie Giraffe is a toy every teething baby should have! Nicholas has started throwing his toys out of carriage so I have attached all of them even the giraffe. I do not think he likes it but I am tired of washing off his toys all the time.

Rachel: Thought you were wonder woman having a baby so soon after! LOl I wish I had some frosties, I would love to entertain the thought of having another baby. Camille sounds precious and they do grow up too fast. My Dh and I were just remembering the days he fit in our arms like a football! I did not know anything about Tortocolis either, and ignored every Nanny and baby nurse on the Upper West Side that lectured me about my baby’s head tilt in the carriage. Only after Dr. told me head tilt was not common did I start to worry. I thought he just liked laying with head to one side and since he could not hold head up yet, I could not tell it tilted even when not asleep in carrier. Oh well, they caught it earlier than most cases so it is very treatable.

Malloned: Wow Liam is already pulling himself up, next thing you know he will be cruising! Nicholas is also on Prevacid and it is a G-D send!! He had such bad acid reflux that he could not sleep and the only thing that soothed him was eating and then the whole process would start again. Did you have to up Liam’s dose as he gained weight? I am worried that since starting the medicine he has gained 6 lbs and now is exhibiting some of the same symptoms.

AFM and Nicholas: He is rolling over and trying to crawl. He can not seem to get his knees under him so he get frustrated. He also started rolling over while asleep and then realizes he is on stomach and starts screaming. I can not wait till he learns to roll on to his back by himself. As long as I am making a wish list, it would be nice if he could manage to get pacifier in his mouth by himself! :slight_smile: Until then many a sleepless night ahead!


Hi ladies, I saw this thread and thought what a great idea and wanted to post too! Since Parker is younger than some of the other babies on here, I like hearing what other LO’s are doing that we might expect next. It’s been awhile since my 6 yr old, Colin, was a baby, so sometimes we feel out of practice.

Kristyloo, that’s great to hear that Emily is walking and talking now. I’m sure you baby-proofed your house, but have you found anything yet that you didn’t think of that you’ve now had to go back and baby-proof? We were lucky with Colin as a toddler, since he rarely got into anything that he wasn’t supposed to, but who knows with Parker. He may be into everything!

Godiva, Parker isn’t teething yet, but I’ll have to look for the Sophie Giraffe. It sounds great.

Malloned, that’s great to hear the Liam is pulling himself up. I’m sure you are very proud. It’s kind of nice before babies are mobile and stay put where you leave them, but it’s also exciting to see them being able to start really exploring their world.

Texasgrl, With Colin we followed our pediatrician’s advice on when to start solids. Rice cereal is usually first, but the baby has to be ready so that they swallow the cereal and don’t inhale it by mistake, which can happen if their swallowing isn’t developed enough to handle solids. Also, I remember just giving a very small amount first for Colin to try and get used to it. We just saw my in-laws at Thanksgiving and my MIL kept going on about putting rice cereal in formula, but I’ve read that its a bad idea for babies under 4 mos old because of the swallowing thing. That’s great that Nicholas is rolling over, but not great about the screaming. Hopefully, he’ll be able to roll back over soon and then he won’t get so upset.

Rachel, the best thing about teething is that it will end eventually. It sounds like you are already doing everything you can to make it easier on your DD.

AFM, I can’t believe that Parker is almost 4 mos old now. He has beeb practicing how to grab things with his hands and get them into his mouth. He also has found his fingers and loves sucking on them. He can get three in his mouth at once, which is kind of funny to see. He hasn’t rolled over yet, but I think has better head control than my older DS did at the same age.

Any suggestions on what to get a 4 mos old for Christmas? He really isn’t playing with toys yet, but I know he’d grow into anything he wasn’t ready for yet. It would be nice though to get him something new that he could use now.


[FONT=Arial]Jdw – We’ve done some childproofing but not enough. Our biggest issue is the stairs in our open home format. We got a great gate (that I strongly recommend) that gives us a landing so that we don’t need to open/close it while we are on the stairs holding her. We also have another gate to control her access to the kitchen. Outside of that, we’ve moved a number of things out of her reach, and we have rubber band to keep her out of the trash. Our issue is that we’ll be moving in a couple of weeks to a new home, and we didn’t want to “damage” our present home so that it would “show” well. I feel safe with our choices because Emily simply follows us around. She wants to stay in the room we’re in and she hasn’t started climbing. When we move, we’ll secure a couple of more cabinets. We will also attach the bookshelves and other larger furniture to the walls as I think she is likely to start climbing, and I’d hate to have her tip it on top of herself. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Here are a few suggestions for Christmas presents. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]1. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]Soft stackable blocks http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/seo/ca%7CsearchResultsp%7CTT458f%7C/Assortments/Lakeshore/ShopByAgeOrGrade/018moinfant/viewall.jsp . At 4 months, she would hold them and look at them. At 5-6 months, we’d stack them for her; we’d knock them down; she was amused. At 6 months or so, she’d start to knock them down herself. 8 months later, she stacks them and knows a couple of the pictures. I do like these better than other soft blocks that I’ve seen, and they are soft so she won’t get hurt by them.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]2. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]A baby seat with tray http://www.buy.com/prod/bebepod-tray-compatible-infant-seat-mint/q/sellerid/25493921/loc/20269/214563975.html . This was great because it helped Emily to sit up before she had control. You don’t want to leave the baby in there too long as they get very tired, but it did give her a sense of independence. If you get one, get one with a tray or add it as an accessory. It will allow the baby to sit play alone with little toys.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]3. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]A baby photo book to put family pictures in it for baby to play with http://www.amazon.com/Sassy-80021-Look-Photo-Book/dp/B002J4U8L6/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1291404819&sr=8-5 . We put pictures of us, her grandparents and the like in it. While Emily preferred her own pictures, but it provided hours of fun and interaction![/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]4. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]An electronic toy book ([/FONT][FONT=Verdana]VTech Rhyme and Discover Book). [/FONT][FONT=Arial]While it indicates that it is for 6+ mo, Emily started to play with at 4 months. In the morning, I would prop her up on a pillow as I got ready and both she and I would push buttons and sing to the songs. With time, it taught her to turn pages. She still likes it at 15 months and my nieces have a similar one that they still like at 2 yrs.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]5. [/FONT][FONT=Arial]A good cloth book with things that pull out and move. Barnes and Nobel has quite a few, but they aren’t generally in the children’s section. They are in the toy section. I have one that I really like for my daughter at one. I tried buying one off the internet (Amazon), but it was more expensive and didn’t match her developmental level. [/FONT][FONT=Arial][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Texasgirl – Isn’t it interesting how our babies do look something like us? It is nice as people won’t always wonder where they came from. My suggestions would be some sort of exersaucer that you could move from room to room. While they AAP doesn’t recommend that babies spend more than 30 minutes a day in one, I found it helpful. We bought an inexpensive one and had a hand me down (with many of the toys missing) so that we had one on each floor/level. I put her in it when I needed to do something. Each time, I would put her farther and farther away. We also helped Emily on her rolling over once she started to demonstrate an interest in it. We put her on our bed and rolled her over and over across it while putting her arms and legs in the appropriate position. She loved it, and it helped her to gain independence in rolling.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Jennifer – I’m so sorry to hear that Liam had reflux. It certainly does sound like you have the issue under control. We also give Emily an antiacid. While she never appeared to demonstrate reflux, her eating difficulties might suggest that she has silent reflux. The first one that we tried caused severe vomiting and diarrhea, but the second one has been more successful. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Rachael – I can relate to the wrong size for the season gifts. Emily received mainly 0-3 and 3-6 sized baby clothes at my shower. They were summer clothes so they should have fit the average baby born in August. The problem was that Emily wore newborn clothes until nearly 3 months so she never got the chance to wear over 80% of the clothes that we were given, and we received very few things that weren’t clothes. After essentially seeing hundreds of dollars wasted, I will never purchase baby clothes for a shower gift unless they ask for them.[/FONT]


jdw- I think this is perfect!
5-in-1 Adjustable Gym - Little Tikes
It converts from a play gym (which would be good for now) to a sit and play toy, then it even is a bench and toy or drawing table. Check it out. We didn’t have it because I discovered it too late. But I always though it would be great to grow with.