Ovaprime” by next summer


Why aren’t we all talking about this? It was invented in the US but the procedure “augment” is beginning to be performed in Europe, Asia and UAE. It could solve some of our problems and hopefully give us…BABIES! They are to come out with “Ovaprime” by next summer. Check out the web site…


PS - I don’t work for Ovascience. Just like all of you trying to find a solution to having a child of our own. Don’t know for sure but this may be the answer to what we need and I hear very little talk about it.


It is really an interesting post to read all this. Anyway, I just need to have the acupuncture therapy for cervical pain. Could you suggest a reputed TCM Mississauga clinic? Actually I am going to visit Mississauga and thinking to get the treatment over there.


Genetic mutations
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