Ovarian Cysts



My name is Catrena and I just joined today:flower: . I went in for my first appointment with an RE yesterday and he found that I had a simple fluid filled cyst on each ovary. I may have to delay my start with clomid for a while. My question is, has anyone had cysts and if so how long did they take to diminish? Thanks in advance:grouphug:!


Welcome Kaicyna - I had a cyst last cycle. They are fairly common especially among people that are using clomid type drugs. I went on birth control to help shrink mine but that’s not always necessary. I wouldn’t worry about it too much although it’s always annoying to have to sit out cycles. Best of luck and feel free to join us in the April thread!!!


Sorry you have a cyst. I had one right before my last IUI. I was able to move forward because my RE aspirated the cyst. I was given the option to cancel or do the aspiration and move forward.

Good luck!


My wife also have cyst but we go to the doctor and do ovarian cysts cure