Ovarian Drilling


I have pcos and have been ttc about 2 years. We have done metformin, clomid, femara and IUIs. With all the failures, the most recent being last month my Dr has decided it’s time to do ovarian drilling. I am hesitant but I really don’t know why. It’s hard for me to believe anything is going to work. Seems like I’ve only gotten negative results thus far, hard to imagine that anything is going to work.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has any success stories from having ovarian drilling done. First and foremost I am hoping to achieve pregnancy but I also get extreme lower back pain because of the pcos, wondering if that was made better after the ovarian drilling procedure. Also, if other symptoms, mine being excess oil and hair growth were better after the procedure as well.


I sure hope your procedure helps you! I had ovarian drilling done but, honestly, it’s really hard to say if it helped or not. I had my tubes unblocked at the same time and I was on Metformin already, so to know if it helped I’d probably have to not be on Metformin and see if I start getting periods on my own. Anyway, I know that my doctor (who’s been doing ovarian drilling pretty much since it was devised) recommends it but says very straightforwardly that it helps some people and doesn’t do much for others, and you can’t really tell ahead of time. For me, since my PCOS is fairly mild except for the anovulation (which Metformin helped a lot with), he advised me not to do it on its own since it’s a surgery. Then, though, once we were going in there anyway for the blocked tubes, he suggested doing it to get whatever benefit I could. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but best of luck!


Thanks for your response. The metformin hasn’t done anything for me. I have been on it alone since summer and it didn’t cause me to start a period. Thats when the Dr added the clomid back. It also didn’t do much for me. I am nervous but I guess it’s the next step in this process. I will just cross my fingers and say a few million prayers… Thanks again!


Well, I had my ovarian drilling surgery yesterday. It wasn’t too bad. I am sore today but it’s not what I would call pain. I haven’t had pain meds since I left the hospital yesterday afternoon. Let’s just hope it was worth it! We shall find out I guess!


Good luck! I’ll be hoping for you. I’m glad you’re doing fine; I found that my surgery was also not so bad. I didn’t use much pain medication and I just tried to stay off my feet for a couple of days. About 4 weeks later, when the stitches started dissolving, I had some irritation that looked a little bit like infection, but I showed it to the doctor and he was able to determine that it was just the stitches doing their thing. After a few months, the scars were almost totally gone, as well. Here’s :cross: !


PCOS treatment

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Ovarian drilling and pcos

Hi ladies iv been on numerous cycles of clOmid and never worked so my gp decided to book me in for the ovarian drilling which I had done last month and then had 50 mg of clomid and still didn’t ovulate, now I’m on my 2nd cycle of clomid 200mg fingers crossed this works I’m getting tired


Oh man, Amy. This is what I am worried about! I am on day 2 of clomid, my first try since the drilling. I am a little stressed out because my lower back is KILLING me right now. This pain is what I always thought was cycsts doing there thing. Well, now there should be no cycsts and I can’t hardly stand up it hurts so bad. I am so used to getting bad news I just have a feeling this isnt going to work. Before my drilling I did several cycles of clomid and would only ovualte on 200mgs and we only did that 4 times. Anyway, my Dr put me on clomid 100mg because she said she “knew” it would work and she didn’t want us to be discouraged with 50mg. I so agree with you, I am so tired of this process! On days like today, I can’t hardly get off the couch to use the bathroom. I just lay here and worry about everything that is going to go wrong. Its funny bc my Dr said the drilling 80% effective and from that 50% have successful pregnancies. I have gone to severeal differernt forums and I really haven’t heard any success stories… Makes me wonder. I’m sorry you are dealing with this too. I cant tell you I know first hand how badly this sucks! Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for you!


Any results after OD?


Have u conceived post OD? Any updates yet?

I’ve been TTC for the last 3 years. Last year March I conceived with Letrozole. In May found out that it was a blighted ovum and had an abortion in June. frfom September onwards have been on Metformin (irregularly) and Clomid with absolutely no ovulation!!! Even tried HMG injections during Jan.

On March 19, got Ovarian Drilling and blockage in my right tube removed. LMP before this was 3 March. And no periods post surgery till 25 April. Then started Meprate for 5 days, and had my induced cycle on 30 April.

This month’s follicular study shows no change. My folliciles are stuck at 9 and 11 mm ('day 16 currently). ook one HMG injection on day 13, have refused to take anymore. Clearly the laproscopy has not worked. Or does it take longer for results to show? I am tired of waiting…


As of today, ovarian drilling has not worked. I had a Dr appointment on Friday. An ultrasound of ovary showed follicle only 9mm. I go back tomorrow to check again but the Dr said she was beginining to think that we need to talk injectables and IVF. She said my ovaries should be making better follicles by now. She said IUI with injectables would be the next step unless we were ready for IVF. My husband and I are waiting to find out what the results of tomorrows ultrasound. We are going to make an appointment with an adoption lawyer in our area if it turns out the follicle is too small. We haven’t decided if IVF or adoption is right for us.

Friday, at our appointment, my husband asked her why the surgery hasn’t worked yet and she said there isn’t enough information about ovarian drilling. She said that most of her patients that she has done it on get pregnant within 3 months and for a lack of better wording my PCOS is just too strong. She thinks injectable drugs, because they are much stronger than clomid and femara, will work. She also told us that she has never, in her 10 years, seen a woman my age with PCOS not get pregnant from IVF.

I know what you mean about being tired of waiting! I feel like my life is stuck on hold. I am so done trying. I feel like I have lost my identity as I no longer have a job and every thought is of our unborn child…

Good luck to you and best wishes! I hope your OD was more successful than mine!


JA, I would definitely start with injectables, before you go ahead for IVF and adoption. I can’t say I am a success story yet, but was glad when my MD offered me Injecting myself with gonal F before heading to IVF. I didn’t want to keep failing other oral meds like clomid anymore, though. If IVF will work, let’s get it going, but these injections followed by TI or IUI are my next step.