Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome


So I had my first IUI yesterday and about 2 hours after I had HORRIBLE pain! I couldn’t even move so I went to my RE this morning and sure enough I have OHSS so I am on bed rest until the 1st. They told me that I could still have gotten pregnant. Has anyone had OHSS and get pregnant?


wannabemomma - so sorry to hear that you are having this problem! I’m sorry, I don’t have any advise to offer, never did have that happen to me, but I know it is very painful. I hope it resolves itself soon. Hope that you get the BFP that you want soon!


I was never diagnosed because I didnt call RE until positive hpt… i expressed concern for symptoms but didn’t do u/s or anything just brushed off my symptoms with ‘take it easy and drink lots of water’ but I know that my extreme bloating and pain was a result of OHSS whether mild or full out. I am pregnant and feeling much better! I have my first u/s tomorrow so we’ll see what updates I get. Good luck to you, Hope you feel better and hope you get your :bfp: !