Ovarian insufficiency/ agre related decline in fertility treatment?


[B]the reason this article below is so interesting is because it shows that by possibly affecting/ increasing mitochondrial biogenesis, ovarian function can be restored to some degree in age related decline in fertility. Perhaps by using hydroxytyrosol rich olive leaf tea 3 months before trying to conceive can assist. Hydroxytyrosol increases mitochondria in cells.

[B]Low oocyte mitochondrial DNA content in ovarian insufficienc[/B]

		  			BACKGROUND: Mitochondrial biogenesis and  bioenergetics play an important role in oocyte maturation and embryo  development. We have investigated the relationship between defective  mitochondrial biogenesis and the lack of oocyte maturity observed during  IVF procedures with patients suffering from ovarian dystrophy and  ovarian insufficiency. METHODS: We used real-time quantitative PCR to  quantify mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in 116 oocytes obtained from 47 women  undergoing the ICSI procedure. We compared the mtDNA content of oocytes  from women with a normal ovarian profile with that of oocytes from  women with ovarian dystrophy and ovarian insufficiency. RESULTS: We  found an average of 256 000±213 000 mitochondrial genomes per cell. The  mean mtDNA copy number was not significantly different in ovarian  dystrophy compared with controls, but it was significantly lower in  oocytes from women with ovarian insufficiency (100 000±99 000,  P<0.0001). CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that low mtDNA content is  associated with the impaired oocyte quality observed in ovarian  insufficiency.

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Although assisted reproductive technology has greatly progressed over the past two decades, the average rate of pregnancy obtained with IVF by embryo transfer is still low at 25% (FIVNAT,