Ovarian pain all day after IUI?


Hi all, I have a question for those who have had IUI. i had my first IUI today. Yesterday I had some vague pains around the region of my left ovary, but just mild. I figured it was ovulatory pains because I surged yesterday. I went in for IUI this morning and the transvaginal ultrasound was pretty uncomfortable. It showed that I have two large (22 and 25mm) follicles on the left. I had the IUI at 9am and all day I’m having the same pain on the left but it’s quite a bit worse than yesterday and doesn’t seem to be going away. I usually don’t get any ovulatory pain at all so I’m wondering if this is normal? Is it just because I have more and larger follicles this month because of the letrozole? Do y’all experience this on IUI day? Thanks so much for any input!!


I had the same thing all day yesterday…it’s normal O pains but just more intense because of the size and quantity of follicles…it’s a good sign, it means your follicles are going down the ovaries getting ready to burst! Tylenol solved the pain for me. Good luck to you, we had iui on the same day!


Sounds pretty normal. I always have strong ovulation pains on IUI day for a few hours. Goodluck!!


My first iui I had pains but I had a ton of follies second one nada. This go round I cramped at the iui even spotted and had cramps into the second day but like you I had a couple nice follies… I think you’re just having O pains darlin


With this IUI I had ovulation pains on my right side for almost 48 hours! I read that sometimes the pain can linger after ovulation because your fallopian tube is constricting to help move the egg down. This month was the worst pain that I had felt and it lasted so long that I started to get worried. But then it faded away and I haven’t had it again. I’m just hoping it’s a sign of a really strong ovulation! I think also since you had 2 follicles it may have felt stronger than normal.


Thank you so much for the reassurance ladies

It must have just been O pains like you all said, because the pain went away by the next day. I was so worried that it meant something was wrong because I’ve never had O pains before! Hopefully it was a good sign! We’ll see in 2 weeks! :cross: :cross: :pray: :pray:


One more thought…

I was also thinking, if i had this much O pain with two follies, how much will IVF hurt with many more follies if I have to go that route? I can’t imagine


Red ill keep my fingers crossed you don’t have to go that route