Over 40 Bay Area - Dr. Zouves or Dr. Aimee?


[FONT=arial]My husband and I are about to go for our final attempt w/ my own eggs. I am 43. High FSH/low AMH//DOR.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]Observations thus far from reading the forums and our own personal experience:[/FONT]
[]Dr. Z may have a more aggressive protocol - not sure if could diminish egg quality?
]Dr. Z wants us to start on BCP first. Our very 1st protocol (UCSF) had us start w/ the pill and suppressed me too much so had to cancel the cycle. Dr. Z does not seem to be concerned.
[*]Dr. Aimee and 1 other doctor seemed to disagree w/ Dr. Z protocol
[/LIST] [FONT=arial]Any insight into comparing their protocols, success stories, etc? Dr. Aimee does not yet post on SART.[/FONT]
[FONT=arial]Many thanks![/FONT]