Over 40 cycling in April/May 2013



I’m on day 11 of a stimulated cycle, due for egg collection day 14 or 15.

I’d love to hear from anyone other over 40’s cycling at the moment.


Hi, Adventurer! How’s your cycle going?

I’m not cycling at the moment, but will be soon. I’ll do a couple of weeks of bcp when AF arrives (in about 10 days), and then start stims after that, so I’ll be all in May.

EDIT: I just read your signature - you get a lot of frosties! That’s awesome! What protocol do you do?


Hi there… I am starting stims this Friday. I am nervous that I will not respond this time around b/c my AMH was just tested at .31. I’ve never had it tested it before, but I seems I can expect a much poorer response then my last two cycles. Ugh!


Hey Adventurer- thanks for starting this thread. I am praying and praying that I will be able to start in May. On May 3, I have to get my a1c blood sugar test done again and if the numbers are good. I go back to RE on May 9 or 10th and will start meds on May 13. When :af: comes on this month, I am supposed to call and order my meds.


Big belly

Hi everyone,

essemkay - I’ve done a few different protocols. Long agonist in 2007/8, short agonist in 2012, and antagonist Mini IVF in 2013. My best result embryo wise has been with the Mini IVF I did in January, worst results were with the long agonist I did back in 2007/8. But then I got pregnant with DS with the long agonist, had an mc with the short agonist, and nothing yet with the Mini. I guess it correlates with my age though, I’m getting good amounts of embryos but none of them want to stick. Also I have PCOS which means I tend to produce more eggs.

I’m so sorry to see you had a chemical in March. Cool that you had a natural BFP though, maybe another will happen in the future.

familyhopes - You are a veteran! Maybe you won’t get as good a response, but remember it only takes one :cross:

Nilah - I don’t know much about a1c blood sugar, is there anything you can do to change it? I’m praying for you that the numbers will be good and you can start in May.

AFM - Day 12 today and I’m feeling it, my ovaries are swollen and I’m getting twinges, and have a big belly to go with it. I’ll find out today whether egg collection is Saturday or Sunday.


Adventurer- a1c is the test they take to monitor your blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period. I have changed my diet, exercise- reduced my sugar and carb intake. I am just praying that it is enough. I didn’t realize you were so far along with your stims. Did you find out when ER is going to be yet?

Familyhopes- good luck with starting stims. You never know your cycle can be great. I hope that is better than you expect.


Hi everyone,

Nilah - It sounds like you’ve been working hard to get your a1c levels to where you want, I hope the tests show it. Is there anyway you can test earlier to get an idea?

ER is going to be tomorrow, Sunday. I have 10ish follicles each side and I’m just praying at least one of them is chromosomally normal, will make a good embryo, implant and become a healthy baby.


[QUOTE=Adventurer]Hi everyone,

Nilah - It sounds like you’ve been working hard to get your a1c levels to where you want, I hope the tests show it. Is there anyway you can test earlier to get an idea?

ER is going to be tomorrow, Sunday. I have 10ish follicles each side and I’m just praying at least one of them is chromosomally normal, will make a good embryo, implant and become a healthy baby.[/QUOTE]

Thinking of you, fingers crossed for your ER tomorrow!


adventurer- I considered buying an at home test. They aren’t exact but it may give me some idea.

Good luck tomorrow. :pray:


Hi everyone,

Nilah - The home test sounds like a good indicator, when will you do that?

AFM - I got 22 eggs. This would be shocking, but I got 23 last time, so I expected it in a way. My last 2 cycles have also been Mini IVFs, which are meant to grow less follicles, but I get less with a Standard IVF. It’s because of PCOS that it happens. Unfortunately this time I’ve also got OHSS which is a bummer as I don’t know if I’ll be able to transfer any embryos. It’s really uncomfortable, I’ve had it once before. I look pregnant and my ovaries are painful, moving around on a seat hurts. I’m praying that this will get better over the next few days, drinking lots of fluids is meant to help.


Mind if I join?

I’m jumping back on the fertility crazy train and I’d love to share the ride w/ you ladies! This will be my first IVF and we’re trying for kid No. 2. Kid No. 1 was the happy product of our last IUI right before we moved onto IVF. I was 39 1/2 yrs when he was conceived and since I’ll be 41 yrs next month, DH and I decided not to wait too long before trying again since these eggs aren’t getting any younger.

One fun aspect of this cycle is that I’ll be handling it alone. My DH is in the Navy and deployed to Africa until August. Biggest issue was figuring out how to get to ER and ET, but I think I’ve found a friend to take me. The office where those procedures are done is an hour or two away, depending on LA traffic.

I have my saline sonogram on Monday and then it’s just a waiting game till my next AF cycle, which should be in early May. Not sure what my exact protocol is yet, except that it involves testosterone priming. Excited and really nervous to get this show on the road!


agr72:welcome: I am trying for a sibiling too. What is testoterone priming? Wow, I am glad you have support in your husband’s absence.

Adventurerer- I am going to order the test this week to at least get an idea of where I am to see if there is something I can do for the last two weeks before the test. I hope you feel better. When will you find out whether you will be able to transfer?


Adventurer - How are you feeling? Did you get your fertilization report?

agr72 - Welcome… my son was born in June 2012 so our little guys are of similar age.

Looks like all of us so far are trying for a sibling. So far I feel a lot less stressed about this cycle vs all the others.


Family hopes- my son was born in January 2012 so hopefully the second time is the charm. I think there is a different kind of stress or pressure with trying for baby 2. I don’t feel the same level of anxiety but I am anxious because I am two years older than the last time I conceived and there is such a huge difference between being 41 and 43. I really don’t want my son to be an only child (no offense to anyone) because my husband and my MIL are only children and I think it is hard on him. I think once I get closer to cycling, I will probably start to feel more anxious. Right now it seems far off even though it will hopefully be next month.


Nilah - I feel the same about not wanting my DS to be an only child. And since DH and I are ‘older’ parents, I worry that we’ll pass when he is youngish and he won’t have anyone. My mother passed when I was 18 and my Dad in October, so I know how it feels to be parentless.

I am trying to not get too too hopeful because I know the odds are stacked against me with my DOR and all that it took to get my DS. I’m so thankful for him and tell him almost daily that he is “mommy’s dream come true” :slight_smile:


I also am so so so scared of leaving my daughter an only child. Both my husband and I have siblings each, but we’re the very last to have children so all her cousins are much older - like MUCH older. Most are in their 20s and 30s. And since we are older parents, and she doesn’t have the built-in companions of like-aged cousins, I really fear her being all alone.

Sadly, I’m really old in fertility-time. But still holding on to hope.


essemkay- I totally get how you feel. My son has cousins that are closer to his age. My nephew will be 3 this summer but there is still nothing like having sibilings. I am also concerned about the fact that I am older and I don’t want him to feel all alone in dealing with me and DH later in life. Hope is all we all have, so hold on.


Thanks for the welcome, ladies.

Adventurer - how’s the OHSS going? Any word on embie progress?

Familyhopes - my DH does not want our son to be an only child either. But I feel so lucky to even have him. I’m trying to decide if i would be ok w/ one child. Since we are all out of pocket, we’re willing to give IVF 2 shots for a sibling. After that, I don’t know. My thought is to wait a year and see if we still want that sibling really badly. If so, we’ll consider donor eggs. The year off will also give us time to save.

Nilah - I’m not sure about the testosterone priming. I think it is for low responders. My AMH is 0.32, so we’re not expecting a ton of eggs. Not sure how the testosterone is supposed to help. I’m going to be on patches for it for 5 days right before I start AF.

AFM - had my saline sonogram yesterday and off course it threw a wrinkle into the plan. They saw either a polyp or fibroid or maybe both. Now I have to have a hysteroscopy to check it out and remove them. I was so pissed yesterday. The nurse claims I can still do stims next cycle. But I might have to be on lupron longer so they can do the hysteroscopy before I start them. Not excited about that b/c i worry about over suppressing w/ my DOR. Or maybe they can do the removal during ER. Or just do stims this month, freeze everything, and do the hysteroscopy before the FET. Assuming i make enough embies to get to day 5 and a freeze. Waiting to hear back from the RE. All I could think of is this is another thing I’m going to have to ask someone for a ride to b/c it involves anesthesia. This would be so much easier if DH was here.

Has anyone had a polyp removed before? I’ve never had one before…


Hi all!! I’m 43. We’ve been on the IF rollercoaster since 2005. Got lucky with DS, then nothing but BFN’s and m/c since. Quit treatment in 2010 after we got in an adoption waiting pool. Adopted DD 7/2011. :slight_smile:

Getting ready to do donor embryo ET tomorrow!!! :cross: this works. :slight_smile:


We are going for an FET in May. This whole thing is heartbreaking.

:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: to everyone!!!

I wish I had frozen my eggs at 25.