Over 40 Cycling September, October, November 2013


Since we’re approaching the end of August, I thought I’d start up a new thread for the next three months. I hope everybody is doing well! Will write more later…


Secret - Thanks for starting this new thread. I hope you’re doing well.

Sallymar - I’ve come here to cycle purely because of the cost savings. I used up all my funding in New Zealand for DS and it’s a third of the cost here.

How are your embies doing?

What is carcumen btw?

Mmflorida - Hi, great to read you again! Have you made any decisions about how many cycles before CCS? I think I’d do that third retrieval, you’re still 42 years young :woohoo: Sorry things didn’t work out with your partner, power to you for going it alone :clap:

Mami - Did you trigger? Good luck for EC :cross:

AFM - I’m going to POAS Monday, it’ll be 10dp4dt. I’m really scared :(. It is so hard not knowing what’s going on inside my body - have my embies died or are one or more still going? I really hope future generations benefit from technology that eliminates this awful 2ww.


Secret - thanks for starting to the new thread. I hope to be joining you all during one of these months. Had my D and C last Monday and RE says I need to wait two cycles. For those that have miscarried and/or had D and Cs - how long did it take to get a period? Also did you have any bad headaches following the procedure. Five days out, I have had a bad headache now in its second day. Also, bad night sweats. I suspect it’s my hormones going down. Even though my pregnancy was not sustainable, my estrogen and progesterone continued to climb for five weeks.

Good luck to everyone currently stimming or in their two week wait.


Adventurer, carcumin is found in turmeric and its supposed to be a wonder supplement for other things like anti-cancer, anti inflammatory, arthritis etc. It is not specific for fertility issues but it cause uterine contractions during a pregnancy so the supplements aren’t recommended. I would imagine the amount of turmeric that you eat regularly is not a problem, though.

How exciting about the hpt on Monday. Makes me want to wish Sunday away so that we can get your results.

​Secret, thanks for the new thread.

​Tigerlily, it took me a while to get back to a regular cycle. One month, I managed to get two AFs, which is what every girl wants, no? I don’t remember about the headaches, though.

​Afm, my two embies became blasts and were frozen while we wait for PGS results. I’m hoping and praying to get a normal one out of the batch…I will get results in 9 more business days, which seems like an entertaining away esp. with Monday being a holiday here in the US.


I triggered last night. Woke up this am and took a pregnancy test to make sure trigger worked and didn’t get double lines. So I went to clinic had blood draw and they found hcg and said I’m good to go. Good to know my wondfos pregnancy tests don’t work! Sallymar that is great news about the blasts. Adventurer can’t wait to hear your beta!


Mami 2b, are you still on track for ER on Monday?that is odd about the trigger and your hpt but I am glad you got confirmation from your clinic.


Tigerlily - I’m so sorry to hear you needed a D&C. I had mine in mid July (and have been taking some time off from the boards since) and it took 6 weeks for AF to show. But it was really light. I was going to talk to my RE next week to see how long I needed to wait to use my frosties. At least 2 cycles makes sense.

No bad headaches, but my hair is falling out like it did post birth w/ my DS. Not sure if that is normal…hope it stops soon…


After lurking on the Aug thread, I’d like to join this group. I know a few of you from previous/other threads. I just turned 44 and I’ll be doing a FET on 9/6 with my lone CCS normal embryo. The quality is only 4bc, but since it is chromosomally normal, my RE gives me a 35-40% chance of success. I had my lining check on Wed and it came in at 10.7. I’m excited, but nervous too.

Adventurer: :cross: you get a sticky BFP on this round.
Sallymar: I hope your results come in earlier than expected and that you have a normal in the bunch.
Mami: Good luck with your ER! I’ve been following your story as I’m interested in how the mini-IVF works. I’m familiar with the CCS stats for patients over 40 at my clinic and I’d love to know if mini-IVF improves on that.
Tigerlilly: I’m sorry you’re having to go through that. I hope that your hormone levels get back to normal quickly so you can move on.


Tigerlily - When I miscarried my period came about a week after I stopped taking Progesterone. I knew I was going to miscarry because my 6 week HCG was way too low, so stopped my meds. My HCG was initially high - at 4 weeks, high enough to be twins. But I went travelling after that… I know, wouldn’t do it again. So anyway, I didn’t have a scan or anything and don’t know what any of my other bloods were. I didn’t get any headaches. I hope yours clear up soon. My periods after that were normal.

Sallymar - Congratulations on your 2 beautiful blasts :woohoo: I hope the 9 days wait is relativly painless. That’s really interesting about the carcumin, I’ve never heard of it before.

Mami - Good you found out about the HPTs now and not when you really need them! When is EC?

kathe - :welcome: Hello fellow 1969’er! Wow, it’s all sounding really good for your FET. :cross: for you this cycle.

AFM - Test tomorrow at 10dp4dt. I just want to know the results, at least then I’ll be out of this 2ww hell. I really have no idea whether I am or not. Symptoms, schmymptoms, it’s all Progesterone at the moment. I go from thinking I am because I’m feeling tired, then thinking I’m not because I’m getting AF like cramps. It’s amazing how our brains will try and make us believe one thing or another.

I’m doing these awesome guided meditations at the moment. The woman who does them goes by the premise that if you desire a baby then a baby has already chosen you. She guides you to focus on your baby, holding it, etc. and dissipating anxiety, clearing blocks. She also says that the baby may not come through you, but it will come to you. I think that is such a cool way of looking at it. If anyone wants them feel free to PM me. They were free downloads but her site doesn’t exist anymore. 1.5 and 1.7Mb each.

Feeling a bit manic today, (nothing too serious, I don’t have any diagnosed disorder), I hope I manage to get through the day Ok, and have an Ok night before I POAS tomorrow morning.


Just got back from ER. Friday I had 6 follies in range and they were expecting to get all 6 but apparently I ovulated right before my sonogram today so they only got 2. :grr: I’m absolutely CRUSHED and disappointed. We can’t afford to do another mini cycle AND PGD testing AND FETs so this was it for us. I need everyone’s :pray: to help my 2 eggs to fertilize and make it to blast.

kathe1969 :welcome:! :cross: your 1 embie blesses you with your THB (take home baby).


Adventurer, are you in New Zealand?


Oh Mami, that stinks to think that they “missed” a few potentially good eggs. Hopefully these 2 stuck around because one of them is THE ONE! Fingers and toes are crossed for your 2.


[B]Secretbabywish[/B] - Thanks for starting the new board to take us through the fall.

I had a great time in NY…so good to finally get a nice long visit with family and NOT think about cycling at all! Unfortunately, I apparently got so cross-eyes trying to figure everything out I totally miscounted and got AF while in NY. So, no mini cycle yet - have to wait for AF at the end of Sept. In the meantime, I’ll take some time to catch up with where everyone is in the process and cheerlead from the non-medicated sidelines!

[B]Nilah[/B] - Did the procedure for DS happen this weekend as planned? How’s he doing?


Mami - it only takes one. Hoping the best thoughts for you.


Mami, sorry about ER. I hope that your two eggs grow up to be beautiful embies. Rest some for now, you have done your part. I will pray that God guides your embriologist in the process so you get the best outcome possible.


Kathe, how exciting that you are doing egg transfer this week. I hope that it is a great success. What stat did your clinic give you about ccs?

​Adventurer, it’s almost here… Not sure what the time difference is but you may already be sleeping and just hours away from testing. I’m going to visualize two pink lines for you…


Tigerlilly - I’m in Chennai, India.

Mami - I’m so sorry you ovulated :grouphug: I’m :pray: for your 2 eggs to be perfect little miracles.

Sallymar - Thanks for your visualisations hon :flower:

AFM - It’s a BFN from a POAS this morning. I’m 10dp4dt and have a test sensitive to 25mIU/ml so I’m pretty sure I’m out - the average for a singleton pregnancy at this time is 100. I’ll stay on meds and hold out from doing bloods for another 2 days to satisfy my clinic though. I have 10 frosties left but I can’t help thinking they must be duds too - after having a total of 29 transferred so far TTC#2. If only I had access to PGD. Feeling :frowning: Hope we get some good news on this thread soon.


Adventurer, sorry about the bfn. I was rooting for you and hoping that #2 would be on the way. Sending you a big hug!


Adventurer - I am sorry about the BFN.


[SIZE=12px][FONT=arial]Adventurer: I’m so sorry about your BFN. I hope you can find a to move forward and get your THB. This is probably a ridiculous suggestion, but is there way way you could get your embies shipped elsewhere for PGS testing? I know my a few people at my clinic have had their frozen embryos sent there and tested. That would probably be a huge administrative headache and expensive, but I thought I’d throw it out there. If you do move forward with FETs, there is a chance that if you have 10 embies frozen, at least one is chromosomally normal. At my clinic, they say their testing shows that women 43-44 can expect 15% of their embryos to be chromosomally normal. Also, I saw you had posted about some guided meditation mp3’s. I would love to get a copy of those to prepare for this FET. I have some already, but it is always nice to change them up each night. Private messages aren’t working for me right now, so I set up a gmail account just to communicate with people on this forum. You could send the files to me there: [email protected]. Best of luck with your next steps!

Mami2b: I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience for your ER. I’ll sending positive thoughts for your eggs to fertilize and develop.

Lynnelu: Sorry you have to sit out a cycle. At least that will give you more time to prepare for your cycle.

Sallymar: I’m not sure which stats you mean. For pregnancy success (live birth) with CCS normal embryos, the success rates are usually 50% with one embryo transferred and 70% with 2 transferred. That % can vary depending on history of m/c or embryo quality. For what it’s worth, the genetics counsellor I spoke with didn’t seem to think the quality of the embryo mattered much if it was CCS normal. As for what someone over 40 can expect in terms of numbers of normals, for those 41-42, it is about 30% of total blasts tested that will be normal and for those 43+ it is 15% normal. I don’t have other numbers written down, but I think 39-40, it is something like 40% normal. I’m at CCRM. They do CCS testing on day 5 or day 6 blasts. [/FONT][/SIZE]