Overly Frustrated


It seems that I had my hopes up only to be let down and disappointed. I went to my RE earlier this month and had been given the go ahead with a round of IVF only to find out that I have a 30% copay for the medicines that will total $1054.00 and may have to pay $400 out of pocket for the anesthesiologist on the day of ER since they use an outside source.

Apparently for this procedure there is typically an appointment scheduled where I would be there for a few hours to discuss matters and the financial aspect and I was thrown into this quickly and the ball was dropped. Needless to say I am almost ready to throw up my hands and accept that this must not be my destiny to be a mother. It saddens my heart and makes me feel hopeless!

Now where do I go from here is the question that I am asking myself and am I strong enough to endure this!

:grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:


I know right now it seems like more than you can handle, but I would give anything for a 30% copay. for this cycle, I spent over $4000 on meds and another $12,000 on the IVF. Never forget that it could always be worse…

Not to mention that if it works a baby is so worth every penny.



Not sure if this makes you feel better, but only a very small percentage of people have insurance that covers IVF and meds even if the coverage is partial. If your IVF cycle itself is covered, you belong to the small, lucky group.

I used to belong to the lucky group. Our insurance used to cover most of the IVF procedures and 80-90% of meds. Now we are with a different employer, and I am a 100% out of pocket patient. And wow this is really hard. I miss my old days.


I know that is can seem very overwheming. We are already so emotional then any setback/road block just adds to the frustration. As as already been stated most IVF is not covered under insurance. We just did a Donor Egg IVF and the total cost out of pocket was $35,000.00 and we got a BFN~
There are no gurantees in this tough business of IF.

The out of pocket amount it not so staggering could you maybe save for a month or two then get back on track?

I wish oyu all the best and hope something clears the way for you.


StaceyinLA -

I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your BFN after spending so much!! Gosh, it must have been really tough for you to swallow it.

I also got a BFN for my 5th cycle a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to snap out of it. It was after I spent about $4000 for laparoscopy and about $13000 +4000 for IVF. I know we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do for what we want, but this is sooooo hard to swallow.

I am now thinking about going to CCRM for my last shot, but I am not sure if I can take a BFN after spending +20k there. I really wish I had participated a shared risk program with 100% refund while I was still eligible for that kind of program (I am too old for that now). Baby or money - it’d be nice to get at least one of them. But I didn’t expect my journey to be this difficult back then. Oh, would’ve could’ve should’ve.

Sorry for venting!


I have paid in full for two cycles. It’s hard to swallow, I am so sorry :frowning:


We have reached our deductible for this year and the insurance will cover 90% of the procedure. I feel so desperate that I have considered getting a loan to cover the meds so that I don’t miss this golden opportunity and it does not seem like that is going to happen. I have tried to remain positive but I am not doing a very good job at it. Yes, I consider myself lucky that our insurance does cover IVF and 70% of the meds but this is not a drop in the bucket for me.

My DH says that something will work out but I am not so sure.




This process is so frustrating. I think we all understand how you feel but please don’t give up yet.

I had a similar “surprise” my last cycle. I am 100% out of pocket for IVF but my insurance would normally cover all the meds, this cycle I found out the week before the cycle began that my insurance would cover none of the meds. So I went from thinking I would spend $250 on meds to having to figure out how to cover $5k in meds. So frustrating!!!

I would call your RE and let them know about the difficulty you may have paying for meds. They may donate some of the more expensive meds to you. My RE donated almost $2k worth of meds to me when I explained my dilemna. Also maybe they can substitute some meds for instance folliistim can be much cheaper than Gonal F and they are essentially the same medicine. Also, some nurses “over” order on meds because they are afraid you may run out. Make sure that what they ordered for you is what they actually think you will need.

At absolute worse you can wait a couple of months until you have the money and then try.

I am so glad I did not give up when I hit that speed bump, I am now 14 weeks pregnant.



I am sorry you have to go through this. We don’t know yoour financial situation but I would sell my house and give up every vacation for the next ten years if I could get pregnant tomorrow. I already have a child so I am telling you it is so worth it.

We have 25 percent co pay ($1900) plus anesteologist ($500) ($90 per week for cycling) $110 per week for acupuncture and to top it off I got a $11,000 bill from my insurance for meds I received but not covered for my 6 failed iui. I have 4 more tries. If that fails it’s donor or surrogate. My point is it could be worst but powering thorugh.

This is the time of year to select benefits so maybe you can switch insurance carriers ?

My motto is “we are having another baby. By any means necessary”


I’m so sorry you are going through this. I would definatly check with your RE. I always donate my left over Meds. If you were at shady grove I could probably give you a bunch of Meds. Check with them there are probably ladies that donate their Meds too. Also, if you get a chance read posts on the nov ivf take 2 thread from miracle. She mentions some programs that help with meds. Good luck.


After going in to the lab to have 15 Vials of blood drawn I received a call from my doctors nurse and was informed that in conjunction with the $1054.00 for meds I have to pay for I am also going to have to pay $1058.00 out of pocket for the ER since my insurance will not cover the operating room and instruments.

Needless to say December IVF is CANCELLED and I had to schedule an appointment for 11-30-2011 to go back to the RE and speak with him to find out what other treatment options I have.

Totally bummed and feeling a tad bit discouraged. To make matters worse I have a cousin who is 7 months pregnant with her 3rd son and is 21 years old. She does not want another baby at this point and does not have the means to take care of another one. I want a baby and it just seems like it is not going to happen for me.



Many clinics offer financing options for their patients. You may want to see what your clinic offers, if anything.