Overseas IVF?


Hi ladies - first time poster here. I’m officially the proud owner of two failed IVF cycles, and with my insurance benefits now depleted, I’m looking at other options.

One thing I’m interested in learning more about is overseas IVF for the major cost savings, but I’m a little nervous about branching out without some “direct” anecdotal info. NOTE: I’m in the US, so when I say “overseas” I mean not in the US - and I suppose I could extend that to UK for the sake of the intention of this question.

Have any of you done treatments overseas? If so, what and where - and how was your experience? Would you do it again or recommend it to your best friend?

Thanks ladies!


Depends what your issue is.
The uk isnt cheap but they are good with the male issues. However you should check how many embryos they transfer per cycle.
If you have immune issues involved, no place better than the usa and dr. Braverman.
If you are into donor eggs or embryos, I see many ladies going to the Czech Republic.
Any other unexplained or difficult cases, either dr.kim- kwak or dr. Braverman


I did three cycles in India and the care was excellent, would definitely recommend my clinic to a friend. However, with the travel and hotel, it wouldn’t be cost effective unless you had to be over there anyway. We were using an Indian surrogate, so it made sense for us.