Overstimulated! Huge cysts :(


Hey girls… I have a bunch of cysts, some are huge, on both ovaries. I did 150iu of gonalf two nights then they switched me to 112iu cause my estrogen was indicating overstimulation… My mid 2ww progesterone came back so low…6!! So obviously I got my bfn and af 13dpiui.:af: Anyone ever have this happen? How long does it take for them to go away? What symptoms should I expect? Btw, January IVF! I’m done with iui… This was my 6th one. I have unexplained infertility… The only thing left to test is my egg quality… IVF. :cross: praying this will work for us!! Any help on this topic helps! Thanks girls and good luck to u all!!!:bsv:


It can take a few weeks to a month or longer for the cyst of shrink and go away. Did your RE put you on birth control pills? that helps shrink them.


Nope. They just said we can’t try this month and call them with my next day 1 to start IVF work up. Maybe I should go for an US in 2 weeks to see what’s going on…idk


What was your estrogen number that indicated over stimulation?

I had a cyst during my first IVF (:bfn: ) . The month after that IVF it ruptured. It sometimes happens after sex and you will KNOW it. In my case the pain lasted about 30 minutes (Severe pain to where I couldn’t move) I knew what was happening and so I knew that if I could just make it through the 30 min I would be fine and I was.

I do know these things may help cysts- BC Pills as said earlier, acupuncture and I was on a chinese herb called “Resolve Lower” that you have to get through a practicioner of Chinese Medicine and that is said to help with cysts and inflammation, healthy periods, etc.

In some cases people get infections or bleed when a cyst ruptures… Just be aware of that. Sorry you are going through that Pellsprincess. :frowning:


It was 200 after only 3 injection nights… So they lowered my dose. It was 630 at time of iui. Question… Do these cyst have to rupture in order to go away? So I’ll def feel that pain??


Hey there!
The cysts do not always rupture. Sometimes they just take time to go away. You will know the pain if they are large and they rupture; it’s intense. If they don’t rupture and just slowly subside, you may just feel an abdominal pressure when you sit and get up.

I was overstimmed on Gonal-F this past June and wound up with two large cysts on each ovary. I was put on bc as soon as AF showed up. I was told that this was because the earlier you start the bc pills in your cycle, the better the suppression of the cysts. That particular time it took about 5 weeks of pills to get them cleared up. Every cycle is different though.

That stinks that you’re going through this - it’s so frustrating to have a cycle cancelled due to cysts!


Thank you for all of your helpful info regarding the cysts [COLOR=“Magenta”]KOKO8! I wanted to compare estrogen levels but I am doing IVF and I have 20 eggs… so my number is 1159 and not comparing apples to apples.


Thanks so much! I’m just hoping they don’t burst, don’t cause infection, and don’t interfer with January’s IVF cycle. It’s going to be my first time and I don’t want anything else to delay it as I’m sure you all understand. This info really helped:) I’ll let u girls know how I progress.


So sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully they don’t burst, just fade away instead. Last cycle I had a chemical and afterwards they saw a large cyst, it faded and I didn’t feel a thing.

I’m with you about moving to IVF, we’re going to jump on the March IVF if this doesn’t work out. Question for you about testing egg quality, do you know if that is a standard part of IVF or is it a seperate test? I’m wondering what else we can test for ifthe 4th try doesn’t take, since all our follicle and sperm counts are good.


I’m pretty sure checking the egg quality is part ofthe IVF procedure. During egg retrieval they will select which eggs are good and bad then only use the good ones. I’m not a pro on this subject yet so I hope I’m not misinforming you. I’m in the same boat, lots of iui’s and not diagnostic reason of why it’s not happening. So egg quality is the only thing left to see.


I had a similar experience after Gonal F cycle with 6-8 follicles that were 12-16mm, estrogen was 512. After 2 weeks of prometrium and then another 2 weeks of BCPs they were all gone. No rupturing, no infection, just went away naturally. This happens in most cases because your body just reabsorbs the fluid in them and they shrink to minimal sizes that don’t cause issues.