Ovidrel 12 hours prior to trigger with a lead follicle @ 17mm?


Hello. Today is CD 10. I am doing a single IUI with donor sperm this cycle (IUI # 6).

Same-sex relationship, no fertility issues, normal amh, etc. I’m using an RE and doing IUI to have the best chances of getting pregnant. I’ve gone through 5 previous cycles with donor sperm and back to back IUI with no success.

75 iu follistim CD 3-5
50 iu follistim CD 6-9

I went in for b/w u/s this morning and my RE saw a 15 on the left and a 17 on the right. My e2 is at 360, and p4 at 1.00.

Question # 1: he has me triggering tonight–isn’t that too early? I don’t even have an 18 yet. My e2 was 700 last cycle when I triggered. It’s 360 today. He said his decision to trigger tonight is based on b/w & u/s. I just think it’s too early-why not wait another day?

Question # 2: he said for me to come in for the IUI tomorrow! Every medical journal that I’ve read has said to trigger 36 hours prior to IUI. He has me triggering tonight 12 hours prior to IUI. And I’m using donor sperm which has a shorter life span.

I’m just concerned. I know this is his job and he’s the doctor-not me. I tried to ask but they said his decision is based on my b/w & u/s, and that this is when they do a single IUI (12 hours from trigger).

What do you guys think? Has anyone else successfully (bfp) triggered before having an 18, or have you had an IUI 12 hours after ovidrel and gotten pg?

Thank you.


I don’t have much too offer… I had my trigger on Saturday at 9:30 and my iui was Monday at 10:45. It’s my first and still waiting to test… But I had 2 follies at 18 on Thursday. Good luck on your journey and baby dust :wink:


My last BFP was with one follicle at 17mm - I too thought it was too early since it wast at 18 but it worked! Don’t forget it gets the extra growth boost after the trigger shot. I am now 12 weeks along. My iui was 36 hours after, however…so I guess that is the difference. My first BFP for my DS, I had the IUI 24 hours after trigger-so a little variance there. Good luck!


I had a :bfp: last month (ended up being chemical) but my bw showed an lh surge so i triggered around noon with ovidrel and had the iui the next day…