Ovidrel booster question


Ok… I am confused. My transfer was Friday. The RE instructed me to give myself a 1/2 dose of ovidrel 250mcg. I just “eyed” the amt I gave myself but am now wondering if I didn’t get 1/2 dose because I POAS today and it was negative. I just wanted to see how faint the line would be from the booster shot. I used a dollar store cheapie test but the control line is there, so… either I didn’t get the amt I needed or my body processed it fast?? What do you think??


When did you give yourself the shot? If it was today, it is unlikely that it made it out of your bloodstream and into your urine. Regardless, a lot of clinics don’t do the boosters and they have good results, so probably no use worrying about it. You can always ask your clinic if they think there is a problem.


Thank you KST for response… I gave myself the injection Friday as soon as I got home from ET. Atleast I will know now if I get a positive!


Half the dose of ovidrel (125 mcg) is equivalent to about 3300 IU of urinary hCG. Ovidrel is administered sub-q, so it releases a little slower and clears more slowly than urinary hCG. That’s probably why your RE chose it for luteal support. You should still be able to see it on a good urine pregnancy test.

The reason for using it is to get your follicles to release progesterone. Are you already taking progesterone anyway?

Tell your clinic you tested negative. They might just ignore it or they might ask you to take more hCG or more progesterone. Up to them.