Ovidrel Only Cycle?


Hi ladies.

We have been exploring the possibility of donated embryo FET, but after talking with my RE’s nurse today, we are switching gears…

We are going to do provera to induce a cycle. Baseline vag US and labs on CD3, then if all that is okay, return for another vag US on CD12 to check follicles and lining. If all is well, Ovidrel trigger shot and timed intercourse with progesterone support.

Has anyone conceived this way? It seems pretty simple and as low stress as my options could be right now. Anovulation is my problem, and clomid doesn’t work. I did get severe hyperstim with my IVF 7 yrs ago, and the thought of repeating that terrifies me. But… I’m thinking that if we are not doing the gonal-F type drugs, maybe my risk won’t be so high for the hyperstim.

#1 - Has anyone done this regimen successfully? Did you get hyperstim?

#2 - Anyone have any idea of the percentage of success this would be?

#3 - Anyone know the percentage of twin risk with Ovidrel only?

I am excited and scared at the same time!

Thanks! Sarah



I’m confused, if you don’t ovulate, and are not taking anything to make the follicles grow, how will the trigger work?


Well, I guess if I start a period, the hope would be that my body would grow some follicles on it’s own, and the ovidrel would just spur them to release…:pray:

I have thought about asking them about adding clomid, but in the past, it makes me feel so crazy! Would your opinion be that it would not work without the clomid? Do you have any ideas about my other questions?

Appreciate any feedback.



I’m just not familiar with this use of ovidrel. I’ve only ever seen it used when you have a maturing follicle, roughly 18mm+ in size.

But from your initial post it seems like you do not ovulate on your own, nor with clomid. Is that correct?

Have you tried/considered injectibles? (FSH like follistim, gonalf, bravelle, etc?)