ovualtion test instead of pregancy HELP!!


I made a mistake this morning and peed on an ovulation test strip instead of pregnancy test strip, it came out positive… is that possible???


Hi Pipwe,

LH (tested by ovulation test) is very similar to Hcg (tested by pregnancy test). Hcg has the same components as LH, plus some additional ones, so if you get a + on an ovulation test right around the time you would be testing for pregnancy, it could mean that you’re pregnant. See the attached link which explains this in detail:

Pee On A Stick ~ OPK’s as HPT’s

So, if I were you I would get an HPT and check, rather than assume you’re getting an ill-timed LH surge and are not pregnant. Good luck!


Well where are you at in your cycle? The last info on your sign is 9/20


My beta test is wednesday… end of the 2ww


that is an awesome link - good to know info in case you reach for the wrong thing under the bathroom cabinet while doing the early morning potty dance