Ovulate with hcg still in system from mc?


I had a miscarriage 4 weeks ago. 1 week ago I felt like I ovulated. Sharp pain on my right side near ovary, cervix slightly open but high and the right type of cervical mucous. I did the deed that night and 2 later. The following day my doctor told me that it was Not possiable that I ovulated because my hcg was somewhere between 4 and 12 at the time and I couldn’t ovulate until it was less then 3. 6 days after the “ovulation pain” I went to the bathroom with some spotting. I thought it must be my period starting so I Put on a pad. I literally had maybe a nickel size and a dime size spot. Nothing more. Today, 3 days later, I have had some cramping and nausea and heightened smell but no more bleeding. I have never conceived on my own. Is all this in my head or is it really possiable?


Got my answer. Beta was “negative” and got my AF 1 week later.


You have to clean your cyst in ovary


In a natural cycle I usually started getting ovulation symptoms from around cd 10 onwards & ovulate cd 14/15…And I did tend to get pretty bad ovulation pain & symptoms. I had 2 failed ivf and after the 1st one I ovulated on day 21. (Which was very late for me) After the 2nd one when mc, I got it on day 14 as normal. I had ovulation pain, temperature rose etc. So in my experience it’s possible to ovulate as normal in the cycle just after failed.