Ovulated last month but not this one :(


I’m so sad… had my 12 day scan today and I had no follicles that were mature and dr said my lining was bad.

I had such a great month last month on femera… I don’t know what happened. Has this happened to anyone else??

I go back Friday. I guess he just wants to see if there is any progress… but told me that he was pretty positive we were out this month. :frowning: :grr:

He’s an OB and it was after a holiday so his office was packed. I counted 13 pregnant women in the waiting room and 5 more people had new babies. I managed to not cry in the office. I made it all the way to the car.


Hey pixelpie!

:grouphug: I am so sorry! A cancelled cycle is SUPER frustrating!

I have been on a combo therapy with injections, but I have had a cycle where I was MASSIVELY stimulated and didn’t respond. Oddly enough, I attribute it to lack of sleep and exhaustion. I came off of a crazy week of 12 hour days at work, and went on a vacation (that wasn’t a vacation because it was so exhausting). :wink: I took my usual oral and injection meds, and then my doctor gave me doses on top of my usual to try to make things happen. It never did. My next cycle was immensely toned down, and alas, a perfect cycle and a positive pregnancy test!

From now on, my motto is that if I am stimming, I am resting. :wink: Sounds dumb, but I do wonder if it helps. Check my siggy for specifics, but you can get an idea of what I have been doing.

Did you have anything different going on in your life during this past cycle?


thank you for the response Koko!

It was the holidays. I was worried I was going to O on new years day and the office would be closed. I had their after hour numbers and was told to call if I got a surge. That did stress me out some… I had family in town which is a little stressful but not terribly so.

I don’t sleep much… because of work… next round I’m going to definitely try to be less stressed. I have no idea how to do that… maybe I’ll exercise more??

I’m still feeling some pain in my ovaries. A little pinchy. Still no surge either. Wonder what tomorrow’s scan is going to tell.


Sorry too hear pix maybe next time work for you.

AFM… Going to go back on Clomid too see how goes but not seeing no Re this time around to be watched just go out on own since no Re too be seen til March due to sickness in family so thought just not see RE til then.

I’ll keep my FX for you to get your BFP an also O this time around…