Ovulated on Letrozole


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[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5]Iam new to this site. I have a couple questions for taking letrozole and sucessfully ovulating. this was my first time taking letrozole never took clomid before. Iwas prescribed 2.5 mg for days 3-7. Iwent back on day 13 which was march 4,2013. Doc said i responded well to the meds and iwill be ovulating in a couple of days. I was told to have intercourse on the 4th and on the 5th.i have to go back in monday to get bloodwrk done. im assuming my nextstep isto wait andsee if iget my period. HAs anyone got pregnat taking letrozole for thefirst time?? prior to this i had two misscarraiges ayear ago and onewhen i was 18 dueto having low progesterone. iamableto ovulate on my own just needed a booster to help me ovulate early instead of late.[/SIZE][/FONT]