Ovulating early and getting pregnant


So as you can see from my signature I have had 3 unsuccessful IUI’s. I found a better dr and have corrected the issues, this IUI was really crazy i knew that i ovulated early cycle day 8!!! I ended up triggering at around 10am that same day (we didn’t know i was surging till 315pm!!)
I have tried to stay positive but between my anxiety i already have and the clomid and now the progesterone twice a day. I POAS today 13dpiui and is was :bfn: I am hoping someone has a positive story out of something like this.

My partner is felling like its time for her to try, but i admit I want to be :preg: i want to expreerince it and enjoy it, she just wants to start our family.

I dont know what to do… Donor sperm is so ridiculously high 850!! thats just for 1 vial!!!

Anyways :bsv: :bsv: to all the girls!!


On of my IUI’s i started surging on CD8, i triggered that night and IUI’d on CD10. I got a BFP but it ended in a chemical. My loss wasn’t because of the early ovulation though. Maybe they just preformed the IUI a little to early. I myself would have asked for the IUI to be the next day after trigger at least since DS doesn’t live all that long. Goodluck!!


from personal experience- early ovulation (before day 12) is not ideal. Have you tried BC and Lupron before stims?

I will keep my :cross: for you


No I think that’s going to be our next step… It’s almost like its our 1st try since we changed RE. I want to be aggressive I can’t take oral BC because I have SVT (supra-ventricular tachycardia) and oral BC is what triggered it. But he is the best and listens to us which is the biggest plus ever!! Thanks for the support guys I really appreciate it!!! :grouphug: :grouphug:

:pray: :cross: :bfp: to all you wonderful ladies!!!