Ovulating symptoms


Hello! I’ve got interested how others expect /know they are ovulating. I’m always facing “egg whites”. This is the first sign that I’m near ovulation or am already ovulating. My doc says not all cervical fluid looks the same. And that ovulation usually takes place on the day a woman has the most amount of wet fluid.
Also as I get closer to ovulation, I have a slight decline of body temperature. Then it’s followed by a sharp increase. Tracking basal body temperature accurately over a few months helps me to predict when ovulation is going to occur. As for changes in cervical position or firmness, mine during ovulation is usually soft, high, and wet.
I guess I experience the same things all the time. After my last failed cycle with own eggs there was a delay of 3-4 days not more. The symptoms were the same.
Do you have anything to share on this point, ladies?