Ovulation after af??


Hi this is my first post here. I am so confused. Here is my chart: 2fb675 Ovulation Charts

I am not ttc. I have 4 babies. My last one was a pill baby and a big shock. Well since having him i was on implanon but had really bad side effects so had it removed early july. I decided to chart to avoid for awhile. Ive done charting many times for ttc and avoiding. My normal cycles were pretty much always well over 30 days with O being anywhere from cd 15 to cd 23 and my lp is 13 days. But of course it was a little diff right after the implanon b/c was removed.

Anyway I decided that even though i hate hormonal b/c i was going to try another bcp brand because it is just so convenient. Charting to avoid is great in many ways but I do hate dealing with avoiding or condoms during the whole fertile period and with my O’s not being the same every mth it was hard to predict a lot. So I started bcp the first sunday after af like it says. That means I started it Oct 31st so about a week ago.

Well I kept charting anyway just to see how things were going. I had a very light af that only last barely 3 days and then some mild spotting a couple days after that. But my temp had dropped and all so it was a true af.

The confusion…my temps shot way way up! I don’t know what to make of it. Did I O right after af?? Ive never ever done that to my knowledge. I mean I would expect bcp to affect my temps (though when i google it all i can find is some sights saying bcp may slightly alter your bbt and this is not slight for me). But I would expect my temps to be all over the place and erratic like an annov chart. Instead (even tho i have some missing temps) it looks almost like a nice even thermal shift!! And my temps are so high. Even my preg charts dont get that high post O. Post O temps are 97.7 to 98.4 as the highest usually.

Could it be possible I actually O’d right after af and right before starting bcp??? Oh the IRONY if i did! We didnt use protection when we bd’d cd 2, 5 and 6 because usually there’s no need that early. So i could be in trouble! Anyone have any thoughts on this mess?