ovulation after early mc?


So I experienced an early m/c last cycle. My question is will i ovulate around the same time or earlier than normal? Right now I am on cd 10. When do you think I should start testing with opks this cycle? After this m/c, I really want another bfp, except a sticky one this time!! Thanks ladies!


[B]Okay hey…I’ll help you from my personal experience …miscarriage on march 18, well not miscarriage it was a missed miscarriage I still had it 2 weeks dead inside of me without knowing nor bleeding , if it’s a natural miscarriage I think it would be sooner than having it done with a d & c , you will have to keep taking hpt to see if you are still getting positive after miscarriage, when you get a negative hpt you’re body will immediately ovulate so have sex around that time that having ovulate before you’re first period after miscarriage. Keep in mind not all woman ovulate after a miscarriage, I just happen to read a lot of the subject and planned it cause like you I did wanted a positive after my first lost. Cause I got pregnant for the second time 3 weeks almost after my d & c …hope this helps!:cheer: [/B]