Ovulation bleeding with clots


Hello all,

First time post from a new member. Hubby and I have been trying to conceive over a year using OPK and CM as indicators of when to BD until this current cycle.

I started temping this cycle when I realized a faulty BBT thermometer was to blame for previous failed attempts and it has been very helpful. I also started taking Vitex which has had an immediate impact to my surprise. My formal cycles were 31-3 days with a 9-11 day luteal phase at best. It seems it takes a while to get that egg to pop lol.

On CD 10 I started to have what I thought felt awfully similar to OV pains and so started to use OPKs in case. Good thing as I caught my LH on the way up as it usually does (I get gradual darkening for 3 days until +) just waaay earlier than my previous cycles and this is good right? Anyway my temps confirmed the +OPK at CD 14 with the thermal shift up the following day CD 15 (today).

This evening I got my surprise with substantial watery red bleeding (in my undies) and a couple of clots this evening. I have had ovulation spotting twice before over a year ago but never with clots. Has anyone else experienced this at ovulation and/or with Vitex? Does OV bleeding happen after the thermal shift and with clots?

I am 36 and hubby is 40. Neither of us have any other medical conditions and I haven’t had any previous pregnancies but have had severe endometriosis since cycle 1 as a child which seemed to suddenly go dormant 3 cycles ago btw if there’s any correlation. My OPK’s usually show OV at CD 20-22 with a luteal phase of 9-11 days at best.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have been lurking on forums for over a year and finally decided to join a group in hopes for support and to share as well :slight_smile: Thanks!