Ovulation in disarray, spike in LH on Day 3


Hi everybody,

Can anyone shed some light from prior experience? I am 42, trying for a baby and getting a little desperate. My menstrual cycle is usually fine, but recently got completely disordered. I’ve always been able to detect ovulation using OPKs (digital Clearblue brand). Recently, the timing has been completely skewed. This past cycle I detected ovulation twice in one month! 17 days apart, and the 2nd time just days before I started bleeding. And the bleed does not even look like a period - just black clots, lasting only a day.

Now, I also did Day 3 tests this month and the previous, and they both show outrageously high LH (32 in Sept, then 16 in Oct), and really high E2 (230, then 480) - consistent with ovulation, I guess? How is that even possible? OPKs did not turn positive so early in the cycle (I checked). I do not have PCOS, but do have low AMH and sometimes high FSH. I was taking DHEA for several months now.

Did you experience multiple +OPKs, days apart? What would increased levels of LH on Day 3 mean?