Ovulation pain and bbt question


I am in my mid thirties and ever since I hit 30, I have noticed my hormones changing. One helpful symptom is ovulation pain. I have been logging my symptoms for 2 years. I can consistently predict within a one hour window when my period will come based on my ovulation pain. If I start feeling it at 7pm, exactly 14 days later between 6pm and 7pm my period will start. This gives me a 13 day luteal phase. But this past year I’ve had some months that I don’t think I ovulated because of lack of symptoms and periods that are 8 - 10 days late. I decided to start bbt charting. I have the ideal chart that is biphastic and with a clear ovulation day. The problem is according to my temps, I ovulated 3 days AFTER the ovulation pains. I felt the pains on day 15, but the chart clearly shows I ovulated on day 18. That would give me a 10 day luteal phase. So my question is am I not ovulating when I feel the pain? Or is there some issue to where my temp doesn’t go up right away? Has anyone ever seen this? Here is a link to my chart.


This was my first month charting and I’m planning on continuing to see if this pattern stays the same. I’ll probably start doing OPK’s this month because I’m really curious about this. I’m not TTC as I have a 15 year old daughter already and am happy with my family. I’ve just noticed a lot of hormonal changes in the past few years and decided to keep an eye on things. Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome Brandi! I am not great at charting myself so I’m probably not the best to answer, but I’m sure there will be someone on here who can help. Good luck!


Thank you for replying :slight_smile: I asked this question on another site and someone there said that it could be pain related to the dominant follicle maturing and growing before ovulation. I guess that makes sense and it would most likely happen within the same time frame before ovulation every month.


Oh, yeah that does make sense.