Ovulation Predictor Tests - help!


So I started testing on Monday (CD10). I was trying to test twice a day. As I’ve been testing, the “control line” would show up and then the “test line” would show up below, much lighter, which is a negative result.

Today (CD14), I forgot to take my tests with me to work, so I didn’t get to test until I got home at 7 PM. (I was testing at 11 AM and 4 PM.) The “control line” popped up like usual but no “test line” appeared.

On the instructions it says if no “test line” appears it’s a negative result as well. But I think it’s odd that the “test line” has been showing up with all (I think) the other tests I’ve taken. But it didn’t show up at all this time. I just re-tested again, and again no “test line” appeared.

Could I have had my LH surge between 4 PM yesterday and 7 PM today?

My OB said if no LH surge by CD20 to come in and I’d possibly get a trigger shot, but what will that do if I actually have already ovulated? Will my OB be able to tell?

I’m totally stressed now thinking that I missed my LH surge!


I stopped testing since I never got a positive but I’m being monitored so we go by the u/s and then trigger. Are you doing any u/s? Are you doing bbt? This is my first round doing bbt and I triggered on Wednesday since I had 2 mature follies and today I had a temp spike so I think that means I ovulated yesterday. Personally I hate opk’s since I over analyze with the color of the lines. I did get digital ones but again I never got a positive. I don’t think I still can ovulate without the trigger shot.

Sorry for the long story…


Thanks for the response chiqawa! All my OB told me was if I didn’t get a +OPT by CD20 to come in for u/s and possible trigger shot.

But what if I actually already DID ovulate before CD20, will she be able to tell by the u/s.

I haven’t (at least not yet) tracked BBT. I’m not really sure how that works?


How long are your cycles? Mine have been around 30ish days and by CD14 I have mature follies so then I trigger. If this round doesn’t work, depending on your cycle days, I’d tell your OB to do u/s earlier. I’m convinced that if I wasn’t monitored and didn’t trigger, I’d never ovulate. I say that since I did have a follie at a 32mm and it never released. I’m also going to my OB and not a RE and he has been monitoring me closely. I would think that she could tell by u/s if you did ovulate since you will see what your follies look like.

I would start temping now just to see what your temps are like. If you ovulated it will be higher and then it will dip when you start your period. I still don’t understand bbt that well but I did have a spike and it has stayed up for day 2. Go to Walgreens and get a basal thermometer for like $10. There are websites that you can use to track it. I have an app on my iPhone that I use.

Good luck! :babydust:


I actually don’t have regular cycles, I never have, that’s one of our issues. I will have 2-3 periods a year on my own. My OB has had me on Prometrium for the past 2 months to try to regulate my cycles. I’m gonna go to Walgreens and get that basal thermometer. If my OB isn’t able to monitor me as closely as she should after this cycle, I think I’ll start going to see an RE.


I’m not regular either. My cycles were always 3 months apart. Clomid and Metformin have helped regulate me. Hopefully this is both of our months! I’ll be :cross: & :pray: for you!!!


I’ll be :cross: and :pray: for you too! Thanks!


Well I got my +OPT this afternoon! Phew! Guess it’s BDing time tonight and the next 2 nights. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Waiting4Peanut]Well I got my +OPT this afternoon! Phew! Guess it’s BDing time tonight and the next 2 nights. :-)[/QUOTE]

YEAH!!! Have fun! :bsv: :bsv: